Yeom Gal-ryang’s bitter smile “Elotrasico, it’s very embarrassing and difficult”

“Originally, they said it was so hard to play against Lotte.”

The LG Twins won their second match this season against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 12th with a 12-8 come-from-behind victory. The pain of the 5-6 come-from-behind defeat the previous day was paid back in one day.

The road to victory was not smooth. At the end of the 8th inning with a lead of 5-4, Lee Jung-yong allowed a come-from-behind 3-run home run to Lotte Koh Seung-min, turning the game over to 5-7. LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, who was calculating that he could keep a one-point lead, also became confused.메이저놀이터

However, LG did not back down easily. After one out in the top of the ninth inning, Moon Seong-joo’s 1 RBI, a timely hit, and Kim Hyun-soo’s come-from-behind 2-run home run succeeded in reversing the game, and Seo Gun-chang’s 3 RBI doubles tied Lotte completely down.

With this victory, LG not only avoided the first consecutive loss of the season, but also was able to lift the atmosphere that could have been stagnant to the fullest. Coach Yeom also breathed a sigh of relief after the game, saying, “The team almost fell into a big crisis, but Kim Hyun-soo saved it.”

Director Yeom, who met with the reporters the next day, said, “It was really difficult,” referring to “Elot Lasico,” which fans call the rivalry between LG and Lotte. It is the position that I want to avoid bloody battles where the game time exceeds 4 hours even after playing only regular innings without overtime.

The game on the 11th, where LG lost, was also not smooth. As LG made 4 mistakes and Lotte made 2 mistakes, the flow changed from time to time, and situations where it was difficult to use hands on the bench often occurred.

Director Yeom smiled bitterly, saying, “The coaches said that baseball would go through as hard as the day before when LG and Lotte match. It was my first time experiencing it, so I was very embarrassed.”

Also, “It’s a very difficult game from the manager who runs the game. Even though the person (manager) has changed, he did this. (Up to the 8th inning) I thought it could end with a 1-point lead, but it didn’t work. I guess.” He shook his head.

However, “The meaning of the previous day’s game was that Kim Hyun-soo saved the pitchers. The atmosphere of the team was also good in that it could go with a bad flow,” he said. showed satisfaction.

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