‘Wrong meeting’ Tottenham couldn’t keep up with Conte’s passion

The first sentence of former Tottenham manager Antonio Conte’s farewell address was “Football is passion”.

Tottenham is a detour expression that there is no passion. This means that the club owner, the top management, and the players are all like that.

If you had a passion for soccer, you should have recruited the best players, just like you built the best stadium in the world. 메이저놀이터

According to a British media outlet, Conte and Chairman Daniel Levy already had a conflict in January 2022.

At the time, Conte strongly demanded the signing of Wolverhampton striker Adama Traore. But Levy ignored it. From this point on, Conte began to doubt Tottenham’s passion for football.

Fortunately, after finishing fourth in the league, Levy reassured Conte by promising full support.

However, Levy later took a different course from Conte’s demands. Conte didn’t want the player he wanted, but he did it for a huge amount.

In response, Conte did not even look at the player at all and did not give him a chance to play. Chairman Levy must have been displeased.

Ultimately, Conte rebelled against and openly criticized Levy’s football philosophy. The point was that nothing would change even if the director changed.

The players also played a game without enthusiasm, as if they had become accustomed to Tottenham’s ‘compliance culture’.

Conte criticized this Tottenham culture. Tottenham’s leadership couldn’t just leave Conte like this. The players also demanded that Conte be sacked.

The meeting between Conte and Tottenham, who have vastly different approaches to football, went wrong from the start.

Whoever becomes the manager of Tottenham in the future will never be able to lift the championship trophy without the innovation of Tottenham’s ‘complimentary culture’ without enthusiasm.

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