We talked about sluggishness and sluggishness… Son Heung-min has one goal left to record

Son Heung-min is about to score double-digit goals in the league.

Tottenham Hotspur drew 2-2 with Manchester United in the 33rd round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 28th at 4:15 am (Korean time). Tottenham, who earned one point, moved up to 5th in the league.

Tottenham, who finished the first half 0-2, needed a turnaround. Fortunately, Pedro Poro’s chase goal broke early in the second half, sparking the chase, and Son Heung-min’s equalizer in the 35th minute of the second half succeeded in balancing the game. The match ended in a 2-2 draw.

The goal against Manchester United was Son Heung-min’s ninth goal in the league. If Son Heung-min adds one more goal, he will set a huge record of double-digit goals in the league for 7 consecutive seasons. It seems to be more meaningful because it is a record achieved amidst criticism for being sluggish throughout the season.

Son Heung-min, who raised expectations for this season by winning the EPL top scorer last season, was criticized for his poor scoring ability at the beginning of the season. Locally, Son Heung-min’s skills have fallen compared to last season, but he pointed out that his lack of confidence was a big reason.메이저놀이터

It was also compared to the rising ‘divine’ Kaoru Mitoma. Mitoma, who showed excellent dribbling breaking ability and sharp kick shooting ability reminiscent of Son Heung-min at Brighton this season, was pointed out as the Asian player who will stir up the EPL following Son Heung-min. It was a time when Son Heung-min was in the middle of a slump, so the two players were compared even more. However, despite the sluggish controversy, Son Heung-min worked tirelessly to shake off the sluggishness, and eventually scored the ninth goal in the league.

Son Heung-min’s goal is also important for Tottenham. Just as he gave the team one point with a dramatic equalizer against Manchester United, only when Son Heung-min comes back can Tottenham be encouraged to continue competing for the fourth place. Tottenham seems to be expecting Son Heung-min as much as Son Heung-min himself.

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min expressed regret after the game, saying that Tottenham did not have enough chances in the first half. He also showed his enthusiasm for the victory, saying that although he showed good form in the second half, he was not happy that he could not get three points.

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