‘We are champions’ Gwangju Ahn Yeong-gyu, “Survival is not the goal… above”

Gwangju Ahn Young-gyu, ‘we are also champions’, “Survival goal is not… above”

Ahn Young-gyu (Gwangju FC), standing on the stage of the 1st division as a K-League 2 champion, threw a bold ballot.

Gwangju suffered the pain of relegation in 2021. Even the key players were separated, and power weakening was inevitable. The prospect followed that it would be difficult to see him in the K-League 1 for the time being. 토토사이트

As if mocking expectations, Gwangju soared high. It was overwhelming. They were 12 points ahead of second place Daejeon Hana Citizen, confirming the K-League 2 championship and promotion early on.

Gwangju has proudly returned to the K-League 1, but this time, the atmosphere is more concerned than expected. As it is a promotion team, it is being pointed out as a strong candidate for relegation.

On the 20th, Hana 1Q K League 1 2023 Opening Media Day met Gwangju captain Ahn Young-gyu’s gaze at a high place. He showed a confident appearance, saying, “Our goal is not to survive or protect,” and “We are looking at the top in the same way.” At the same time, he said, “I don’t think of soccer for the rest,” and said, “I think it can be seen as a team looking at a high place.” If so, wouldn’t it be sad to be a candidate for relegation despite being the overwhelming K-League 2 champion? Ahn Young-gyu rather smiled. He said, “I think it’s good,” and showed his composure, saying, “It would be fun to see us flustered when we met, and I wonder if we’ll get more attention if we give another twist.”

He recalled Media Day last year when he had no expectations for Gwangju. Ahn Young-gyu predicted another reversal, saying, “Last year we didn’t even mention it, and no one expected to win.”

In order for Ahn Young-kyu’s confidence to come true, it is important to have an image without ups and downs. He revealed that he too would only focus on the game in front of him. Ahn Young-gyu said, “All teams are difficult opponents, and there is no easy team.”

Gwangju coach Lee Jung-hyo also declared that nothing would change just because it was in the first division. He revealed his will to paint the K-League 1 with the colors of Gwangju.

Ahn Young-kyu said, “I have been infused and used to what I have been doing since last year,” but assured me that I would not take it lightly, saying, “Because there are many newly added parts, the opponents who meet us will feel that it is not easy.”

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