Violence in baseball’s SSG team…shocking assaults on juniors with bats, even group harrassment

Individual assaults and group harassment have been occurring within the SSG baseball team, causing great shock.

According to a report by Culture Daily on the morning of the 10th, infielder A, a member of SSG’s second team, gathered a group of players younger than him during lunch at SSG Futures Field in Ganghwa, Incheon, and ordered a group hazing. The reason given was that infielder B, a rookie this year, was being “cocky,” but it didn’t end there. Pitcher C, who was the recipient of the ejection, became violent, blaming B for causing it.

The incident came to light when a coach happened to check on B’s physical condition. The coach reported the incident to the club’s leadership, who in turn reported it to the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) Clean Baseball Center. The KBO was informed of the incident by SSG and launched its own investigation. The KBO is taking the incident seriously because it was not just a flirtation but an assault. “We are currently conducting an in-depth investigation and will follow up with a penalty committee,” said a KBO official.스포츠토토

SSG had previously come under fire in July 2020, when its predecessor, SK, reported an assault case in which senior players physically punished juniors in the second team. SK was slow to recognize the incident and did not report it to the KBO. At the time, the club announced that it would “thoroughly manage the team to prevent the recurrence of hitting and corporal punishment, even for disciplinary purposes,” and that it would “apply ‘one-strike-out’ (expulsion) depending on the severity of the offense if a player engages in behavior that damages dignity outside of the game,” but the announcement fell on deaf ears three years later.

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