Ulsan, Jeonbuk, Pohang, Incheon..2023-2024 ACL license acquisition

Ulsan Hyundai, Jeonbuk Hyundai, Pohang Steelers, and Incheon United, which compete in the ‘2023-2024 AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Champions League (ACL)’, have acquired ACL licenses.

Ulsan and Jeonbuk won the K League 1 and FA Cup last year, respectively, and Pohang and Incheon finished 3rd and 4th in the K League 1, respectively, securing the right to participate in the ‘2023-2024 ACL’.

Therefore, Ulsan, Jeonbuk, Pohang, and Incheon applied for an ACL license to participate in the ‘2023-2024 ACL’ to be held in August, and the Korea Professional Football Federation (President Kwon Oh-gap, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Federation’) is targeting four clubs on the 17th of this month. On Sunday (Wed), the Club Qualification Review Committee was held.

The Club Qualifications Deliberation Committee is an independent body that reviews the issuance of a club license, and determines whether or not to issue a license by evaluating whether the club that is applying for the license meets the criteria under the AFC Club Licensing Regulations. The criteria for issuing ACL licenses are composed of a total of five areas: ‘sports, facilities, personnel and administration, legal affairs, and finance’.메이저놀이터

The Club Qualifications Deliberation Committee confirmed that the previous four clubs met all criteria after screening by field, and as a result, all obtained ACL licenses and were able to participate in the ‘2023-2024 ACL’.

Meanwhile, as the ACL holding period has changed from the existing Spring and Autumn Festival to the Autumn Festival starting this year, the federation will carry out separate licensing of clubs that grant qualifications for participating in the K-League and ACL.

Therefore, the ‘qualification to participate in the 2024 season K-League’

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