Two years after the LG-Samsung big trade, the fate of the team as well as the players has changed 

 “I didn’t expect to be booed in Jamsil.”

It was early February 2021. As the regular season passed the halfway point and headed towards the end, Changwon LG and Seoul Samsung made a big deal by switching their starting guards. Kim Shi-rae (34), a star of the LG franchise, is a Samsung player, and Lee Kwan-hee (35), who always seemed likely to play for Samsung, wore an LG uniform. But it didn’t end here. At the time of the trade, both clubs promised follow-up trades after the end of the 2020-2021 season, and in June, Samsung Kim Joon-il (31) moved to LG and LG Kim Dong-ryang (36) moved to Samsung.

As the key players transferred, the trade result also received great attention, but it seems that LG is leaning towards a complete victory. At the time of the trade, Samsung, which was aiming to advance to the semifinals, ended up in 7th place. In the 2021-2022 season, it is in 10th place, and this season is also at the bottom (10 wins and 21 losses). I got the long-awaited high-level point guard Si-rae Kim, but after transferring to Samsung, Si-rae Kim has a clear downward curve. In particular, the field goal rate problem is serious, but it is only 29.3% after transfer in the 2020-2021 season, 40.5% last season, and 35.9% this season. 토토

On the other hand, LG, which was the lowest at the time of the trade, finished 7th last season, but is running 2nd (16-12) this season. With a thick layer of players at the fore, they maintain consistent performance throughout the 4th quarter. Above all, Lee Kwan-hee and Kim Jun-il account for a large portion of LG propaganda. Lee Kwan-hee played less time than last year, but the solution plays a role in the clutch situation in the 4th quarter. Kim Joon-il boasts extreme efficiency with a field goal rate of 55.8%. LG is looking at spring basketball for the first time in four years, with coach Jo Sang-hyun’s mercenary skills hitting the mark.

The conflicting appearances of the two teams were revealed intact in the Jamsil game on the 5th, which was a 4th round confrontation. As always, LG won by using a wide range of players. Lee Kwan-hee scored 17 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists, while Kim Jun-il scored 12 points, while Kim Si-rae scored nothing. I tried 7 Yatoo, but I couldn’t put one in. During the game, there was also a war of nerves, such as Lee Kwan-hee and Kim Shi-rae colliding and Kim Jun-il celebrating the opposing foreign player. It was a match that the players were also conscious of the past.

After the game, Lee Kwan-hee said, “I didn’t expect to be booed in Jamsil. Of course, I am a player who wants to beat Samsung more than any other player. He has many reasons to beat Samsung.” Kim Jun-il also said, “In the past, this was my home. I didn’t want to lose at my old house,” he looked back.

Two years ago, the reason for the trade between the two teams was clear. LG needed an overhaul, and Samsung desperately needed a main handler. LG, which ended the Kim Jong-gyu and Kim Si-rae era and created a new version, and Samsung, which tried to solve the point guard problem that had always been a concern, by recruiting Kim Si-rae. Two years later, LG has become an extraordinary team, and Samsung is still at the bottom.

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