Tottenham FA Cup quarterfinal green light, clash with lower team

 Reporter Park Sang-hyun = Tottenham Hotspur, who advanced to the round of 16 of the 2022-23 England Football Association (FA) Cup with Son Heung-min’s multi-goal, seems to be easy to advance to the quarterfinals. Clash with a lower league team.

According to the FA Cup round of 16 match announced by the FA through a draw on the 30th (Korean time), Tottenham advances to the quarterfinals with the winner of the rematch between Wrexham, the National League (5th division) team, and Sheffield United, the league championship (2nd division) team. I got to confront it.

The match is played at the opponent’s stadium, but considering that they are all lower league teams one step below Tottenham, the chances of advancing to the quarterfinals are high if you are not vigilant. Wrexham and Sheffield United will play a rematch on the 8th of next month after drawing 3-3 in the confrontation held on the 30th. If Wrexham surprises them by defeating Sheffield United, they will become the lowest league team to reach the FA Cup round of 16. 메이저사이트

Manchester City, who beat Arsenal and reached the round of 16, also faces a rather easy opponent. Man City meet Bristol City in the League Championship.

In addition, Southampton and Leicester City, as well as Brighton and Hove Albion, who defeated defending champions Liverpool, met lower league teams.

Southampton face Luton Town in the League Championship and winners of Grimsby Town in the League Two (fourth division), while Leicester also battle the winners of Blackburn Rovers and Birmingham City in the League Championship for a place in the quarterfinals. Brighton also play Stoke City in the League Championship in the Round of 16.

However, Manchester United will play West Ham United, the same English Premier League (EPL) team. Leeds United play the winners of EPL team Fulham and league championship team Sunderland in the round of 16.

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