Tottenham delays renewal of contract with Dyer, ‘the cause of the collapse of the defense’…’Interest in recruiting Hwang Hee-chan’

Tottenham Hotspur is aiming for Maximilian Kilman, who plays alongside Hwang Hee-chan, instead of renewing Eric Dyer.

The British ‘Daily Mirror’ reported on the 17th (Korean time), “Tottenham will not talk about renewing the contract with Dyer until this summer. A new Tottenham manager has not been decided yet, but Wolverhampton’s Kilman is interested.”

Dier has established himself as a starter after joining Tottenham from Sporting. He made a name for himself as an all-rounder, playing several positions under manager Mauricio Pochettino. He mainly played as a centre-back, but could also play as a right-back or defensive midfielder. Then, in the aftermath of Jan Vertonghen’s aging, he took his place as a centre-back.

After the departure of Toby Alder Baylt, he became the defensive leader. He had to lead the defense while working with Davinson Sanchez, Japhet Tang Ganga and Cristian Romero. Every coach who came to Tottenham hired Dier as a defensive center, but expectations were not met. Dyer was getting progressively worse.

It is pointed out that it is the cause of the collapse of Tottenham’s defense. Tottenham’s defense, which was second only to Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea last season, is on par with teams in the relegation zone this season. He conceded a whopping 59 runs in 36 games. More than 1.6 runs per game. Dyer, who repeats mistakes in every game, is being pointed out as the culprit.카지노사이트

This season, there are many times when the defensive concentration is toxic. Due to the lack of active defense, there were several scenes where the defender could be misunderstood as if he was watching the opponent striker break through. The ability to scatter passes from the back is not bad, but the defender is basically not defending, which exposes the problem.

There are many arguments that Tottenham needs to sell Dyer in order to gain an edge in competition with other EPL big clubs and win the championship. Britain’s ‘Evening Standard’ terrified Tottenham fans when Dyer said, “We are entering the final season of our contract. We are discussing a new three-year contract extension.” The ‘Daily Mirror’ had a different opinion. It is an opinion that the focus is on recruiting a new center back rather than renewing the contract.

The target is Kilman. Kilman has been playing for Wolverhampton since 2018. He was popular because he was tall and left-footed centre-back. He emerged as a starting pitcher under coach Bruno Raz and played an active role as the core of the defense. Having played for the England national futsal team, he has good ball handling skills. He has been praised for his excellent skills in many areas. Even after coach Hulen Lopetegui arrived, it has been steadily used.

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