“Throw gently against Japan” Japanese pitcher expert jokes show rookie king’s spirit 

 Takahashi Hisanori (48), an instructor, joined the Doosan Bears’ spring camp in Sydney, Australia, and watched the pitchers with a hawk’s eye.

Instructor Takahashi, who readily came to Australia at the request of coach Lee Seung-yeop, arrived at the campsite on the 8th. Since I arrived after pitching training was over, I only talked with manager Lee Seung-yeop.

And on the 9th, I started working in earnest. Camp training began in overcast weather with rain falling at dawn. It was windy and rather cool.

First, instructor Takahashi watched the pitchers catch the ball. Then he moved to the bullpen. On this day, Dylan Pyle and Kim Ji-yong pitched in the bullpen.

Instructor Takahashi talked with coach Lee Seung-yeop and pitching coach Jung Jae-hoon while watching Dylan’s pitching. It was a look of satisfaction overall.

10:40 am. In the main stadium, the pitchers started live pitching. Instructor Takahashi also stepped forward and watched with a hawk’s eye.

WBC pitchers such as Kwak Bin and Jeong Cheol-won, along with Jang Won-joon, Park Chi-guk, Lee Hyung-beom, Park Shin-ji, and Jang Won-joon, pitched.

Instructor Takahashi called Jeong Cheol-won, who came out after pitching, and stopped him. It showed points for improvement.

He gave Jeong Cheol-won advice such as “The chest opens. It would be good to pay attention to this part. Pull it out a little longer and throw it.” 카지노

He also cited the forkball of Koji Uehara, a Japanese professional baseball legend pitcher, as an example. Instructor Takahashi said, “Uehara got better by throwing a fastball with the feeling of throwing a forkball. He would be better if he threw a forkball with a fast swing.”

However, Jeong Cheol-won did not know much about Uehara. Then instructor Takahashi smiled and said, “Ask the director (Lee Seung-yeop) later.”

Jeong Cheol-won nodded, saying, “I didn’t pay attention to the part where my chest opened. What you told me is that I will refine it in the bullpen and then go up to the mound.”

He also knew that Jung Cheol-won had been selected for the WBC national team. Instructor Takahashi also added a joke, saying, “Please throw it gently against Japan.” Then Jeong Cheol-won responded, “I will throw a forkball with a fast swing when I throw a forkball (as you told me) against Japan,” and made Takahashi smile.

Later, in front of the reporters, Jeong Cheol-won said, “

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