Three Gimpo FC leaders suspended for ‘youth soccer player death’

Three Gimpo FC coaches have been suspended by the Korea Football Association in connection with the death of youth player A-gun last year.

Today, the Korea Football Association (KFA) held its Fair Play Committee and voted to suspend five people, including three Gimpo FC coaches, in connection with the death of a Gimpo FC youth player.

The committee imposed a three-year ban on Gimpo FC goalkeeping coach Yoon Mo, and a two-year ban on coaches Han Mo and Kwon Mo.

The middle school coach and player of Group A, who were referred to the KFTC together, were given a one-year suspension.메이저놀이터

The KFA said that it decided to impose the discipline because the coaches’ continuous verbal abuse, insults, and harassment of Group A was acknowledged, and that it violated the players’ basic rights and human rights.

The five leaders and players who were suspended can request a review by the KFA.

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