There is a pitcher like a font in Doosan, which also caught the attention of the ‘national hitter’

 High RBI, fast velocity, curve that falls like a waterfall. It reminds me of Wilmer Font, who led SSG to victory last year. Doosan has such a pitcher. Director Lee Seung-yeop is also watching with an interesting expression.

This is the story of Lee Seung-jin (28), who is entering his 10th year as a pro. Lee Seung-jin is sweating hard to establish himself as a full-time first team in the spring camp being held at the Blacktown International Baseball Center in Australia. He pitched in the bullpen twice, and the high RBI and the angle of the fastball’s flight were enough to catch his attention. Coach Lee, who is concentrating on checking the pitching of the pitchers, closely monitors Lee Seung-jin’s pitching from the bullpen.

Lee Seung-jin threw 31.1 innings in 35 games last year. He did not have a satisfactory record with a 6.61 earned run average (ERA) of 3 wins, 1 loss and 2 holds. He failed to make an impact in 2021 with a 3.91 ERA with 1 win, 4 losses, 2 saves and 13 holds in 48.1 innings in 47 games. He has all the basic conditions that a fastball pitcher should have, and this is the reason why he has not been able to secure a clear position even though he is entering his 10th year as a pro. Because of his inconsistent command, he is unable to use his strengths. 메이저사이트

The coaching staff is also struggling to help Lee’s awakening. He sometimes sets the batter up when pitching in the bullpen, and also practices throwing the same pitch into the strike zone in succession. Coach Lee said, “He is a player with distinct strengths,” but “I think he thinks a lot on the mound. He needs to have something of his own so that he can use this as the focal point to escape from psychological contraction, but it seems that there is something missing in this part.”

For example, the way he uses his left arm is different each time he pitches. His priority is to throw the ball where he wants with a certain pitching form. He has to throw with confidence to have a consistent pitching form. In particular, pitchers with high RBI and good pitches like Lee Seung-jin can cook batters by themselves. When he establishes his own pitching balance, his range of motion and steadiness increase. Jang Won-joon, who returned from injury and war, represents a ‘good example’.

Font led the Landers championship with a large height, high RBI, fast velocity and a perfect breaking ball. One of the strengths of the font is that it dazzles the eyes of others with its left arm. When he starts pitching, he grabs the batter’s attention by lifting his glove over the headquarters seat. It is a form that feels like the high dots of the font stand out more.

Lee Seung-jin can produce a similar effect. That’s why the RBI and pitch are good. Director Lee emphasized, “Simplifying your thoughts is the priority.” There are two months left until the start of the regular season. The moment Lee Seung-jin finds ‘his own’, Doosan can get one more pitcher. This year’s camp could be an inflection point for both Doosan and Lee Seung-jin.

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