“There are starting candidates here too” Hanwha Nam Ji-min’s first appearance 151km, 3 innings without a walk, 1 run

A rough selection sketch has emerged. Two foreign pitchers, Felix Pena and Birch Smith, are the ‘one-two punch’, and domestic ace Kim Min-woo is the third starter. They are competing for the other two positions, but at this point, Jang Min-jae and Moon Dong-joo are in an advantageous position.

Here’s a little bit of a player. Nam Ji-min is a right-hander in his fourth year as a pro.

Along with Moon Dong-joo and Kim Seo-hyun, he is a promising player who will brighten the future of Hanwha. He made his first mound against KT Wiz on the 15th and showed his presence.메이저놀이터

He pitched 5 times behind starter Min-Woo Kim. He passed his first round lightly. Lee Sang-ho and Cho Yong-ho were grounded by the pitcher, and Park Kyung-soo was grounded by the shortstop.

He gave up one run on two hits in the sixth inning. Giving a hit to lead hitter Alford became the root of the problem. He went off with no hits in the seventh inning either. However, he showed concentration until the end and passed it without a goal.

No walks, no strikeouts, 3 hits and 1 run in 3 innings. It didn’t have a strong impact, but it was his first official appearance of the season.

He threw a total of 41 balls. He had the most fastballs with 25, and threw 12 sliders. He scored a high of 151 km and an average of 147 km on the fastball.

Last year, when he was included in the starting rotation, Nam Ji-min was the same for seniors. “I think only Nam Ji-min doesn’t know that he throws a very powerful ball,” he said.

Last year, the management of the club, concerned about the aftereffects of the surgery, followed. There was a limit on innings pitched. Everything worked out this year. He has to get his place through competition.

Even if he starts the season as a middle pitcher, he has a chance to start. No team continues to have a built-in starting lineup throughout the season

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