The tension revealed in the wrinkles of the shirt… McIlroy’s Power Swing Secrets

Who is the current golfer with the best swing in the global village? Many pundits don’t hesitate to point out Rory McIlroy. McIlroy also answered “yes” without the slightest hesitation when asked if he was the best player in the world. Although the Northern Irishman is not very tall at 175cm, he is regarded as one of the best long hitters. Last season, he ranked second on the PGA Tour in average distance (321.3 yards), third in strokes gained from tee shots (0.771), and won his third FedEx Cup.

What is the power source of McIlroy’s swing? Some of the secrets can be uncovered by looking at the photo taken on the 8th hole during the DP World Tour Dubai Desert Classic last January. Upper body rotation is the engine that increases swing speed, and even before the backswing is complete, fine wrinkles caused by twisting the body are clearly visible on McIlroy’s shirt. He can literally feel the tension growing to the extreme. His lower body is also noteworthy, as it stands firm and hardly moves while his upper body rotates. 메이저놀이터

You can learn more about McIlroy’s swing by looking at the PGA Tour’s analysis of the video and other photos. First of all, Mae Kilroy has a lot more space between his hands and body than other players at address. He has to have a lot of space so that he can generate enough power without blocking while swinging the club. In the takeaway phase, the head is pulled out of the body and then lifted. If the head is turned inside the body from the first stage of the backswing, the club cannot be pulled out enough and the swing arc becomes smaller.

The downswing that directly generates power makes McIlroy stand out. Even in the middle of the downswing, the right elbow is attached to the side as if pinned, and the bent angle of the knee remains the same. Then, as he enters the impact zone, he instantly pours out his energy through his right leg. Kick the ground as if jumping in place from a squat position. At the same time, extend both arms forward. The ample space reserved in the address position facilitates these movements.

McIlroy swings the club with tremendous power and acceleration in the blink of an eye, but his finishing position is always undisturbed. It means that the balance is well-balanced and the strength is excellent. That’s why Woods told his son, Charlie, “Don’t study my swing. Just follow McIlroy’s swing.”

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