The team that changed the club’s future thanks to GSW, started to worry the same as GSW

 Fit? Talent?

This is the most common concern ahead of the rookie draft. It’s a bit lacking in skills, but do you fill the weak position? Or, even if there are many players in the same position, do you choose a player with better skills? All clubs endlessly repeat this concern ahead of the rookie draft.

The Charlotte Hornets are in the most painful position in this draft. The 2023 draft is called the Victor Wembanyama draft. Rank 1 confirmed. After that, the 2nd and 3rd rankings can be changed flexibly.

Two players are selected as candidates for the 2nd and 3rd positions. University of Alabama forward Brandon Miller. G-League Ignite point guard Scoot Henderson is showing his skills just below Wembanyama.

Charlotte will have to fight the classic ‘Fit or Talent’ fight for the second pick. If Henderson had been drafted in another year, not this year’s draft, it is highly likely that he would have been called as the first pick. He is a point guard with unrivaled athletic ability. He is evaluated as a player who will succeed the careers of Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook.

Brandon Miller, on the other hand, is attractive in that his talent, if not Henderson’s, perfectly meets Charlotte’s positional needs. The forward team desperately needs a generational change. Replacing Gordon Hayward, who has been reborn as a bad contract, and PJ Washington, who has been slow to grow, with a young and promising Miller, the overall balance of the team is perfectly improved.

Absolute talent is Henderson’s landslide victory. On the other hand, when it comes to team balance, it is Miller. And one thing is for sure. Miller is also slightly behind in his talent, but he is a very good prospect. It is a blessing to have a high ranking of 2nd place, but the head of the Charlotte leadership is bound to be very painful.

This concern is almost identical to the one the Golden State Warriors had in the 2020 draft. In the 2020 draft, the first pick was Anthony Edwards (Minnesota), and after that, the second and third picks were evaluated to be flexible. Ramelo Ball (Charlotte) has high absolute talent, but Golden State’s positional needs were big men. In the end, Golden State, which had the right to pick the second pick, called James Wiseman, the number one big man at the time, although he had relatively little talent. It turned out to be a huge handshake. Wiseman couldn’t adjust to Golden State at all and left the team in a trade midway through this season.

Charlotte, who benefited from Golden State’s handshake at the time, changed the future of the team by retrieving an outstanding point guard named Lamelo Ball in the third pick. But three years later, Charlotte was in the same trouble as Golden State at the time.

Given the case, it seems right to nominate Henderson, but it’s not that easy. Considering Lamelo Ball’s tendency to be a ball dominant (long time holding the ball in his hands), coexistence with Henderson seems impossible. Henderson has a lot of time on the ball as a lamello ball. To turn him into a shooter, the G-League 3-point shooting success rate was only 27%. It’s not enough to run as a shooter. 

However, the Wiseman case is bound to come to mind to nominate Miller. every dilemma.

Charlotte is famous for being the worst drafting team out of all 30 NBA teams. Except for Lamelo Ball, which was caught due to fisherman’s geography, he has only failed in recent drafts. Michael Kidd Gilgrist was nominated second in 2012, followed by Cody Zeller (4th) in 2014, Noah Vonleh (9th), and Frank Kaminsky (9th) in 2015, all of which were fiascos. In 2018, he traded Shai Gilgeous Alexander as soon as he was named as the 11th pick, and Gilgeous Alexander has grown into a top-notch guard in the All-NBA class. On the other hand, PJ Washington, whom they selected with the 12th pick in the 2019 draft, isn’t bad, but it’s elusive to keep the starting pitcher. James Bookknight, the 11th pick in the 2021 draft, is playing at his worst, getting into an altercation with former coach James Borrego and being arrested for drug-driving off the court.

To put it simply, from 2010 to the present, virtually everyone has failed in the draft, except for Lamelo Ball, who was selected thanks to Golden State’s handshake. It’s a miserable story. It’s a stressful situation. 

Executives with such drafting skills were put in the same situation as three years ago. This time the position has changed. What choice will Charlotte’s management make? There is the case of Wiseman, but I can’t help but recall the case of Sacramento, who made the playoffs as the 3rd in the West by selecting Keegan Murray (Sacramento) instead of Jayden Ivey (Detroit) a year ago in the 2022 draft, meeting position needs instead of talent.카지노사이트

The conclusion is one. 

2022 Rookie Draft. On the day of the draft, the Orlando Magic acted confidently by calling third-choice candidate Paulo Venquero as first-choice, and eventually it became an excellent choice. After the season, he became the biggest draft winner. Same goes for Charlotte. The answer is not fixed. It will be important for them to conduct thorough research and act with conviction in the direction of the club management. It will be even more interesting to understand this psychological battle and watch the upcoming rookie draft.

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