The national shortstop was also raised like that… The best environment provided by Lotte to juniors Junghoo Lee

There is no right answer to fostering a promising player, but you can guess the probability by looking at success stories.

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop once talked about how Hyundai made Park Jin-man grow into a ‘national shortstop’ during his time as Nexen’s head coach.

“As soon as Park Jin-man came to the pros, he became the starting shortstop. There were many seniors in the lineup who were good at baseball. That’s why we were able to fix Park Jin-man in the 8th and 9th batting order and raise him. Even if Park Jin-man couldn’t hit, no one said anything,” recalled coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop

. . Head coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, who had been a player at Hyundai at the time, lost his starting position overnight with the appearance of a large rookie, Park Jin-man. This is the reason director Yeom Kyung-yeop’s memory is bound to be accurate.

He really was. In 1996, Hyundai built a solid lineup with the addition of ‘monster hitter’ Park Jae-hong, Kim Gyeonggi, Yoon Deok-gyu, Lee Sung-yong, Kim In-ho, Kwon Jun-heon, and Jang Gwang-ho, and a powerful pitching team such as Jeong Min-tae, Jeong Myeong-won, Wi Jae-young, Choi Chang-ho, Jo Ung-cheon, Jeon Jun-ho, and Ga Nae-young made a sudden sensation. caused Park Jin-man, who joined as the starting shortstop, also contributed considerably to the gust of Hyundai, and was able to obtain a valuable result of finishing runner-up in the Korean Series in the end.

In 1997, the following year, he suffered the humiliation of being at the bottom of the batting division with a batting average of .185, but no one said anything to Park Jin-man. Park Jin-man’s defense increased stability day by day based on his experience in the professional league, and in 2000, he was able to compete as the national team for the Sydney Olympics, while improving his offense. Since then, Park Jin-man has shown luxury defense at the 2006 World Baseball Classic (WBC) and the 2008 Beijing Olympics,

Looking at Lotte now, it is not difficult to see that rookie outfielder Kim Min-seok is also growing up in a similar environment. Kim Min-seok, who was called ‘the second Lee Jeong-hoo’ and was evaluated as having excellent batting talent, did not actually get the starting position from the beginning. Kim Min-seok, who impressed the coaching staff with five hits in one game during the spring camp practice game, proudly made his name in the opening entry.

The role initially given to Kim Min-seok was a pinch hitter. However, Lotte had no intention of leaving Kim Min-seok alone as a pinch hitter. I had already planned the date for Min-seok Kim’s first starting trip, and I was considerate to prepare my mind by informing Min-seok Kim of the start-up trip in advance. Lotte coach Larry Sutton said, “It’s a good way for a new player to start right away, but it’s also a good way to get a pinch hitter twice to relieve tension and learn the atmosphere before starting.”

The result is a great success. On the 9th of last 메이저놀이터 month, Kim Min-seok started as a center fielder for the second hitter in the match against Sajik KT, and at the end of the 7th inning, he came out with a chance to 1st and 2nd base and scored his first hit and RBI at the same time. responded to

In fact, Kim Min-seok’s batting average stayed at .196 for the month of April, but no one pointed it out. Recently, Lotte caused a stir by rising to the top spot while running for 9 consecutive wins. It was also up to the seniors to solve the game. In addition, Kim Min-seok’s playing time was extended due to Hwang Seong-bin’s injury, and in the last two games against KIA, he scored 5 hits, 1 RBI and 1 steal, and succeeded in raising his batting average to .246 for the season. Now, Lotte is providing the optimal environment for Kim Min-seok to grow up.

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