The ‘living legend’ Ji So-yeon who will ring the ‘victory bell’ is here! (feat. Angry with Lim Young-woong

Happy 212: Ji So-yeon, the ‘living legend’ who will ring the ‘bell of victory’ is here! The 212th story

was with Ji So-yeon, a living legend of Korean soccer. Ji So-yeon is literally a ‘living legend

‘ who holds records such as the youngest appearance in Korea’s A-match (15 years old), the youngest scorer (15 years old), the most goals (66 goals), and the most appearances (144 matches). 

Even in the midst of a tight schedule, she came to Chukdeoksukdeok and told various stories about her soccer life, as well as the preparations for the FIFA Women’s World Cup to be held in July. 메이저놀이터

Ji So-yeon, the ace of the women’s soccer team led by coach Colin Bell, promised another round of 16 legend, saying, “This time, the women’s national team will take responsibility for the impression the men’s national team delivered at last year’s World Cup in Qatar.” 

In addition, he also revealed his regret for Young-woong Lim, a ‘popular singer’ who recently visited the FC Seoul game. Let’s check out the story.  

Reporter Joo Young-min, announcer Joo Ji-eun, reporter Lee Jung-chan, and PD Park Jin-hyeong were together.

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the world pays attention

00:26:41 Issue focus: ③ The ‘East Coast Derby’ worthy of the name…a lackluster ‘Super Match’
00:34:24 Ji So-yeon interview

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