The KIA special rookie who bullied Lee Seung-yeop… Even to the national team brothers? ‘Throw without hesitation’

“The first pitcher to throw is (Kim) Ki-hoon. After that, (Yoon) Yeongcheol goes out.”

The second practice match of the Korean baseball team led by coach Lee Kang-cheol is the KIA. The national team and KIA will face off on the 19th (Korean time) at the Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium in the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk revealed the direction of the game one day before the match against the national team. After directing the team training on the 18th, manager Kim Jong-guk said, “The starting pitcher is Ki-hoon. With those two, Yeong-cheol goes out, and the rest of the middle pitchers also go out. Ki-hoon and Young-chul throw two innings each.”

This is the first unofficial match between Kim Ki-hoon and Yoon Young-cheol, who are competing for the 5th starting pitcher this season. It is also the first actual match in which the first nominee in 2019 and the second-ranked prospect in the first round of the 2023 rookie draft will be indirectly compared. After taking starting pitching lessons at Sangmu, Kim Ki-hoon returned to the bullpen at the end of the 2022 season and played a big role. Yoon Young-cheol showed off his high school level game management ability and sharp command.

Basically, the plan is to send younger players than veterans to the game on the 19th. Coach Kim said, “We will focus on young players who need to check their skills, excluding veterans and foreign players. Head coach Jin Gap-yong went to the national team, and there was a request for a catcher. Tomorrow, we have to improve the atmosphere of the national team.”

Coach Kim wants young players to play baseball without hesitation. “You have to swing confidently and play confidently. Whether it’s hitting or defending, don’t be intimidated and do it without hesitation. Don’t be afraid of failure, don’t regret it, I hope you do as you prepared.” 온라인바카라

In particular, it is attracting attention because it is the unofficial debut of Yoon Young-chul, a special rookie. If it was already aired on JTBC’s Strongest Baseball last year, we look forward to seeing it again this time. At that time, Yun Young-cheol overpowered the national team-level legendary retired batters of the Monsters, including coach Lee Seung-yeop, two or three times. Even after throwing an error in the middle to manager Lee Seung-yeop, he showed a confident appearance after treating it as a bum hit.

Yoon Yeong-chul did not catch the ball at the finish camp last fall and focused only on recovering from fatigue. This is because last year’s high school tournament, youth national team, and the strongest baseball, etc., caused great fatigue. The key is the competitiveness of the fastball in the early 140km range. He himself said in a spring camp interview that he was not interested in improving his speed. He has declared that he will put his merits first and see his match instead.

Coach Kim said, “Isn’t it like dealing with the national team and great seniors? You can run or hit a home run. He has to be a pitcher who sticks to win with confidence,” he said. This is because amateur and professional hitters are different. I plan to watch him while giving him a chance in practice games and demonstration games.”

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