The greatness of Jang Hyo-jo, the wonder of Lee Jung-hoo who broke the record… Fierce No.3 Competition

 As the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) cross-verifies past records and corrects record errors, the late Jang Hyo-jo’s batting average in the KBO League is drawing attention again. Jang Hyo-jo has maintained the top spot in career batting average (based on 3,000 at-bats) for more than 30 years, and Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom) surpassed that record last year.

On the 24th, the KBO announced a correction, saying, “In a game held in 1985, the rules were incorrectly applied and records were found.”

On July 31, 1985, the Cheongbo-Samsung match was held at the Daegu Stadium. Jang Hyo-jo hit a double with one company on first and second base at the end of the 6th inning, but the opposing team appealed to the runner on second base for his performance on third base, and the runner on second base was out.

At the time, Rule 12 of Official Baseball Rules 10.07 stipulates that ‘when a batter hits a batted ball, but the preceding runner does not hit the base and is out due to an appeal, if the out is a force-out, it is not recorded as a hit.’ It’s done.

According to the rules, Jang Hyo-jo’s double hit had to be canceled, but it was recorded as a double hit on the record sheet at the time. Due to the record correction, Zhang’s career batting average was reduced by one li from .331 (1009 hits in 3050) to 333 (1008 hits in 3050). In addition, Jang Hyo-jo’s batting average for the season in 1985 was corrected from 307 300 to 30700.

Jang Hyo-jo played 10 seasons from 1983 to 1992 and recorded a career batting average of 3.3. Jang Hyo-jo, who debuted as a pro at the age of 27 after going through high school, college, and vocational league, is a record that has been achieved over the 27-36 season.

In the first year of his debut, he became the batting champion with a high batting average of 3.69. His batting average of 3.87 in 1987 was a career high. However, in his mid-30s, nearing his retirement, his career batting average improved considerably, with a batting average of . has fallen Had he made his professional debut at a younger age, he would have posted more than a 3 in 3.

Jang Hyo-jo’s career batting average record was surpassed by Lee Jung-hoo last year. Lee Jung-hoo filled 3,000 at bats against SSG on April 19 last year, and his career batting average at the time was 30.39.

Lee Jung-hoo, who recorded a batting average of 3.49 in last season, raised his career batting average to .342 (1076 hits in 3146 at-bats). In the first year of his debut in 2017, he recorded 3.2 4 Lee, and this is the result of recording more than 3.2 4 Lee every year for 6 years until last year. It’s a wonderful number.

Although Lee Jung-hoo surpassed Jang Hyo-jo in career batting average, he did not break the record in his first six professional seasons. Jang Hyo-jo had a career batting average of 3.5 in his first six professional seasons from 1983–1988. That’s a great number. His career batting average fell to 30.3 as he failed to hit .300 twice in his last four seasons. 토토사이트

Following Lee Jung-hoo and Jang Hyo-jo, the third place in career batting average is fierce. 3rd place until the 2021 season was Park Min-woo (NC) with a batting average of 302 06 (1085 hits in 3326 at-bats). In fourth place, Park Gun-woo (NC) was pushed back by a difference of 3 mo with a batting average of 302 06 (1020 hits in 3130 at-bats). In 5th place, Son A-seop (NC) had a batting average of 302 04 (2077 hits in 6401 at-bats).

However, after the 2022 season, Park Kun-woo (.327) ranked 3rd, Ah-seop Son (.321), and Min-woo Park fell to 6th (.320), behind Kim Tae-gyun (.320), 5th. Last year, the rankings were reversed as Park Gun-woo sluggishly scored 30 3 6 ri, Son A-seop 2 7 7 ri, and Park Min-woo 2 6 7 ri.

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