The golf emperor returns

The emperor’s comeback war begins. In addition, Korea’s top rankers are also all out. Not only that. The Korean Men’s Professional Golf (KPGA) champion is also challenging. It’s literally “star wars”.

The US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour Genesis Invitational (total prize money of 20 million dollars) to be held at the Riviera Country Club (par 71) in Palisades, USA for four days from the 17th (Korean time) will be the hottest golf tournament this year. Prospect.

The reason why this tournament is attracting attention is that Tiger Woods (USA) is participating. Tiger Woods, the ‘golf emperor’ who disappeared from the PGA Tour regular tournament for nearly 7 months, was added to the list of players. After missing the cut at the Open in July 2022, Woods did not play in the PGA Tour regular tournament, saying he needed more rehabilitation and training.

The key is to overcome the aftereffects after the last car accident. This time, it is a regular tour event where you have to walk all 4 rounds, so it is an opportunity to observe how much your physical strength and performance have recovered. Currently, experts do not consider Woods as a candidate for the championship. 토토사이트

Another point to watch is the second match between Scotty Scheffler (USA), Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), and Jon Rahm (Spain), who have built a strong ‘troika’ system this year.

The last Phoenix Open ended with a complete victory for Schaeffler. Schaeffler overtook McIlroy to regain world number one. Schaeffler’s intention is to continue his solo system by aiming for two consecutive weeks of victory. McIlroy, who had an unexpected result of a tie for 32nd at the Phoenix Open, the first PGA Tour event he participated in this year, must win this tournament to restore his pride.

On the other hand, all top Korean rankers will also participate. Lim Seong-jae (25), who has recently been on the rise by ranking in the top 10 in two consecutive competitions, is one of the contenders for the championship that experts point out. CBS placed Lim Seong-jae in 9th place in the winning probability. Edge Plus, a media specializing in sports betting, also predicted Im Seong-jae as the ninth most likely winner. This is a higher expected ranking than Morikawa, Will Jaratoris, Cameron Young (Above USA), and Victor Hoblan (Norway).

In addition, Lee Gyeong-hoon (32), Kim Si-woo (28), Kim Seong-hyeon (25), and Kim Joo-hyung (21) will also participate. In addition, Kim Young-soo (34), who won the KPGA Korean Tour Genesis Championship, also received an invitation. There are six Korean players participating in this tournament. It is a good opportunity to gauge the level of KPGA on the world stage.

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