The first female-only soccer uniform, “It’s much more relaxed and comfortable”

The first female-only soccer uniform introduced is receiving positive responses from players and officials.

The Korean women’s soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell, won the second game against Zambia at Mir Stadium in Yongin on the 11th, with a hat-trick by Lee Geum-min and two goals by Park Eun-seon to win 5-0.

Belho, who won 5-2 in the first match at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 7th, finished the A match in April with a good record of 2 wins, 10 goals and 2 runs.

This two-game series drew attention as the women’s uniform, which was released for the first time in Korean football history on the 3rd, was shown on the ground for the first time.메이저놀이터

Unlike the previous uniforms, this uniform was produced with a separate design from the men’s national team, and was designed so that elements of the white tiger pattern naturally melted based on calligraphic fonts, and also contained symbolic meaning by adding the phrase ‘KOREA’.

Not only is the design differentiated, but it is composed to suit the female body characteristics.

Based on the body shape and movement data of 68,000 women, Nike reflected elements different from men’s uniforms in the top line, seam line, and waist band. Thanks to this, the inconvenience of wearing a uniform tailored to the male body shape has been greatly improved.

She also applied the liner ‘One Leak Protection Period’ to prevent menstrual blood from being exposed, and made the bottom with a special material. The away uniform, which was white, was replaced with a black one.

The players are positive. Lee Geum-min (Brighton) said, “(Compared to wearing the same uniform as the men’s national team), it is much more relaxed and comfortable,” and laughed, saying, “Before, there were many times when I was worried because the clothes were small, but now I can focus more on the game without worrying.”

Captain Kim Hye-ri (Hyundai Steel) also said, “I get nervous when a game is held on a day once a month, but the material and color of the pants have changed, so it’s much better.”

Meanwhile, besides Korea, many women’s national soccer teams such as New Zealand and England have released new uniforms for women and are making improvements so that female players can focus more on the game, such as changing their bottoms to black.

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