The final winner of the ‘No.1’ scramble, the lineage of Daedo continues…”I have to make it more tiring to not be taken away” 

“There were so many people who were looking for it.”

Lotte Giants’ uniform number 1 this season was occupied by outfielder Hwang Seong-bin (26). The position became vacant as catcher Ahn Joong-yeol, who wore number 1 until last year, wore an NC uniform as a compensation player for free agent No Jin-hyeok. A fierce battle of the eyes took place to put number 1 on. Seo Jun-won and Kim Do-gyu coveted the number 1, which is also the number of the ace in the pitching team. It was also the No. 1 hitter for batters and the number of Daedo. In the end, Hwang Seong-bin became the final winner in the scramble with them.

He said, “Originally, if there was a good single-digit number, I tried to change it. If I changed my number anyway, I thought it would be better to change it quickly. I was greedy because number 1 was Coach Jeon Jun-ho’s active uniform number. “Later, I want to set a record comparable to the coach’s active days and say, ‘I did a good job wearing the number 1 of the coach’,” he said with strength. Coach Jeon Joon-ho holds the record for the most stolen bases ever, stealing 549 bases in his career while wearing number 1 during his active career.

It is the 2023 season, which is greeted in a phase that has changed in many ways. Last year, he was discharged from the military for active duty, started as a training player, became an official player in May, and survived until the end of the season in the first team. Last year, he recorded a batting average of .707 with a batting average of 2.9 4 (94 hits in 320 bats), 1 home run, 16 RBIs, 62 points and 10 stolen bases in 102 games. He signed an annual salary contract this year at 72 million won, a 140% increase from the minimum annual salary of 30 million won.

Coach Jeon Jun-ho also said, “Sung-bin has grown a lot.” Hwang Seong-bin said, “Last year, there were only two outfielders in the second group camp. I am so grateful that you are saying this.” “Thank you for giving me this opportunity and for recording a high salary increase rate. I will make it possible for him to sign for a high salary,” he laughed.

He proved his worth as a fast-footed hitter who was hard to find in Lotte and could stir up opponents. He energized Lotte’s batting line by making the opponent’s battery and infielders irritable and tired, such as surprise bunts and running. He said, “Last year, I was convinced that ‘this is the right direction for me to go.’ My strength is to make my opponent tired. I want to make them more tired and harass them.”

Nevertheless, there is a point where it needs to evolve more sharply. The stealing success rate (45.5%), which is lower than that of the main team, needs improvement. He said, “I want to increase both the success rate and the number of stolen bases. When the training schedule with Coach Pyeong-ho Kim is over, I watch the video together and give feedback. The coach tells me a lot from the finish camp. I have the conviction that it is right that I am practicing.” “Since the coach has a lot of experience at first base, he constantly asks me to tell him how he feels and when he goes out as a runner. He says that we have to trust each other well. ” he said forcefully. 토토사이트

He also stressed that he needs to improve on defense as well. He said, “I felt sorry for the pitchers because I made a lot of mistakes in defense last year,” and promised, “Now that I feel sorry for myself, I hope I can hear thanks from the pitchers for catching a lot of difficult balls this year.”

The outfield is still a competitive field. Hwang Seong-bin also cannot be relieved of the main match. However, he said with a firm expression, “The outfield has become more intense. But I have no intention of losing either.”

Last year, Lotte fans cheered for Hwang Seong-bin’s sprint. The sound was so good and I want to hear more cheers this year. He said, “When I hit an infield hit in resignation, the fans cheered, so it was so thrilling.” To do this, I hope to have more runs on base than batting average, so I can steal bases and score a lot.

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