The beginning, the fearless challenge of the ‘youngest team’ Cheonan City

The professional wall was high. I swallowed my regrets in the first game.

Cheonan City FC, led by coach Nam-Yeol Park, played the opening game of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ against Busan I’Park at Cheonan Sports Complex on the 1st. It was a historic match. Cheonan competed in the K3 (semi-pro league) until last year and transformed into a professional team this season. He made his professional debut against Busan.

A keen interest was gathered. Thousands of fans gathered at the stadium that day. There were only 3299 paid spectators counted. Park Sang-don, mayor of Cheonan, Kwon Oh-gap, president of the Korea Professional Football Federation, and Chung Mong-kyu, president of the Korea Football Association, were all on the scene. 토토사이트

The whistle blew announcing the start of the game. The atmosphere was not good. Cheonan was shaken by conceding two goals in the 10th minute. did not collapse Rather, it was focused. In the 28th minute of the first half, Mota, a Brazilian striker, headed the goal. Busan was not easy. Just before the end of the first half, Lee Han-do’s goal widened the score gap. Cheonan showed concentration once again. Two minutes into the second half, Motta’s extra goal exploded. This time, he shook Busan’s net with his right foot. Cheonan, who was in the mood, rushed terribly. However, it was somewhat insufficient to break through the hard wall of Busan. Cheonan bowed its head 2-3 in its professional debut match.

Paejang calmly accepted everything. After the game, coach Park said, “I lacked experience, but there was an expectation that we could do just a little bit better. I’m looking positively at whether we can play better next time. I hope you play down,” he said.

Cheonan is not currently the best team. Goalkeeper Kim Min-joon, Lim Min-hyeok, and striker Han Seok-hee left due to injuries. In addition, foreign player Hodoub also moved to Brazil due to personal problems. Cheonan showed a positive appearance against Busan even in a situation where they were not ‘complete’.

It was Motta’s performance that further raised Park’s expectations. Coach Park said, “Motta was better than expected. Thank you for scoring two goals. The performance was not good, but the decision was good. I think the performance will improve as it goes. The decision was better than I thought. Let go of one worry and look forward to the next game.” laughed

After the game, Motta said, “I’m happy to score a goal on a good day. But what I wanted was the team’s victory. I’ll work harder and produce good results. (Professional) it felt different. It was new and good in all aspects, including the fans and the stadium. It’s an honor to be a member (club’s first professional goal) It’s definitely an honor, but I don’t feel it yet. , The club has many goals. For the time being, we will refine them and work harder to achieve them.”

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