Suwon City Hall Wrestling, the first AG representative to be produced ‘Splendid’

Greco 60kg Jeong Han-jae · 130kg Kim Min-seok · Freestyle 65kg Kim Chang-soo ‘Hangzhou Ticket’
Second most players after Samsung Life… Coach Moo-Hak Park “Reward by winning a medal”

‘Emerging wrestling house’ Suwon Special City Hall achieved the feat of producing three Asian Games national representatives for the first time after the team was founded.

Suwon City Hall, led by coach Moo-Hak Park and coach Dae-Sung Kim, won the Greco-Roman 60kg class Jeong Han-jae (28), 130kg class Kim Min-seok (30), and 65kg freestyle Kim Chang-soo (31 ) 3 people won the top of the weight class and were selected as the national team.

The winner of each weight class in this competition will participate in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, which will be held in September, and the second place will participate in the World Championships. It is the first time since the team was founded in 2004 that Suwon City Hall selected 3 representatives for the Asian Games, following Samsung Life Insurance (4 representatives) among men’s teams, and it is the most representative selection among local government teams nationwide.

Korean wrestling ‘Hope’ Jeong Han-jae, who transferred from Samsung Life Insurance this year, won a ticket to Hangzhou by defeating Kim Seung-hak (Sungshin Yanghoe) 3-0 in the finals. In the meantime, it was a series of bad luck, such as the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics due to Corona 19 and the postponement of the tournament even after obtaining a ticket for the Asian Games last year, but the new team kept the Taegeuk mark.

In particular, Jeong Han-jae is expected to be the next generation Greco-Roman star following Kim Hyun-woo and Ryu Han-soo (above Samsung Life Insurance). His wife, Hye-min Oh, a high school classmate, is also a former wrestler.

In addition, Kim Min-seok was selected as the representative of the Asian Games, beating Lee Seung-chan (Gangwon-do Sports Association) in the Greco-Roman 130kg class. Kim Min-seok, a bronze medalist at the Jakarta Palembang Games in 2018, said, “I will definitely achieve my dream of winning a gold medal this time, which I have not been able to achieve on the international stage during my long career as a representative.”카지노사이트

On the other hand, Kim Chang-soo, who won both the 1st and 2nd selection competitions in the 65kg freestyle class and wore the Taegeuk mark, joined Suwon City Hall in 2018 and steadily conquered national competitions. I’m looking forward to the good news.

Park Moo-hak, coach of Suwon City Hall, said, “Up to two players have participated in the Asian Games, and I am happy that three players were selected for the first time. This is the result of the hard work of the coaches and players,” he said. “I thank Mayor Lee Jae-joon and Sports President Park Gwang-guk and other officials for helping me train in a good environment, and I will repay you with good results at the Asian Games.”

Then, he expressed his anticipation, saying, “If all three players accept the bracket well, they can win medals.”

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