‘Suwon brothers’ Suwon FC and Suwon Samsung Hee-bi intersect

Suwon FC beats Jeonbuk 1-0 with the final goal in Las Vegas and wins the season for the first time in a row
Suwon Samsung loses 2-3 at home to Jeju… 7G consecutive draw

The joys and sorrows of Suwon FC and Suwon Samsung, both professional soccer teams related to Suwon, showed a stark move.

Suwon FC, a ‘citizen club’, was held on the 15th at 7:00 pm at Suwon Stadium in the Hanawon Q K League 1 2023 Round 7 home game against Jeonbuk Hyundai, thanks to Lars’ heavenly final goal in the 26th minute of the first half. They won 0-0 and recorded their first consecutive win of the season.

With this, Suwon FC recorded 10 points with 3 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses, moving up one notch to 5th place. In particular, 9,221 spectators, the highest number of paid spectators in the club’s history, entered to celebrate the second consecutive victory.메이저놀이터

Both teams engaged in fierce battles in the early stages of the game, and the tight balance was broken by Suwon FC. In the 26th minute of the first half, Lars intercepted Min-gyu Song’s pass near the center circle of Jeonbuk, dribble alone, and then split the goal with a strong right-footed shot from the front of the penalty box.

In Suwon FC, Shinsegae scored an additional goal 11 minutes later, but as a result of the VAR reading, a handball was declared a foul during the trapping process, and Lee Seung-woo’s volley shot was blocked by Jeonbuk goalkeeper Kim Jeong-hoon, and the first half ended 1-0.

In the early part of the second half, Suwon FC pulled the reins of the attack, and Lee Seung-woo and Lars took consecutive shooting opportunities, but the opposing goalkeeper made a save and missed the goal, so they could not score additional points. Jeonbuk counterattacked, and in the 25th minute of the second half Park Jin-seop and Song Min-gyu fired sharp shots in quick succession, but Suwon FC goalkeeper Noh Dong-gun blocked it with a super save.

Meanwhile, in the match held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 2:00 PM, Suwon Samsung, a ‘corporate club’, lost 2-3 to Jeju United and could not get out of the bottom with a 7-game draw (2 draws and 5 losses) after the opening.

In the early 7th minute of the first half, Go Myung-seok’s header hit Jeju goalkeeper Kim Dong-jun, and Basani connected it with a left-footed shot to take the lead. He gave up and allowed a reversal.

Then, in the 17th minute of the second half, Jeju ran away 3-1 with Hayes’ additional goal from a penalty kick, and in Suwon, Yoo Je-ho scored a comeback goal in the 34th minute of the second half, but failed to score an equalizer.

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