‘SON stands out too’ ‘Breaking the seal of a bomber’ that went crazy even in UCL

The bomber is breaking the seal of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL).

Erling Haaland joined Manchester City from Dortmund ahead of the season. Right away, he showed off the appearance of a monster striker and bomber.

Haaland became the first player in the English Premier League (EPL) to score 9 goals in 5 games and the 7th consecutive hat-trick in history.

He didn’t stop there. He even vomited the spirit of achieving hat-tricks in three consecutive home games for the first time in EPL history.메이저놀이터

Haaland’s bomber influence extended to the UCL stage. He is downright crazy. He showed off his dignity by scoring five goals in the second leg of the round of 16 against Leipzig.

He became the third player in UCL history to score 5 points in 1 game after Lionel Messi and Luis Adriano.

Haaland has scored 12 goals in the UCL this season, with 15, surpassing Ronaldo for the most goals in a season.

In this situation, ‘onefootball’, a soccer content production company, shed light on breaking the scoring streak, saying, “Holland already has more UCL goal records than a good goal scorer.”

Haaland has scored 35 goals in his career at UCL, beating the likes of Antoine Griezmann (30), Edin Dzeko (28), Alvaro Morata (23) and Olivier Giroud (23).

He even has a catchy name. Son Heung-min with 19 goals and his soul partner Harry Kane (21) also succeeded in breaking Haaland’s seal.

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