Seongnam City’s Jungwon-gu Junior Baseball Team Wins 2023 U-15 National Junior Tournament Weekend Baseball Tournament

Seongnam-si’s Jungwon-gu Junior Baseball Team (head coach Lee Dong-cheol) won the final of the 2023 U-15 First Half National Junior Tournament Weekend Baseball Tournament organized by the Korea Little Baseball Federation (president Yoo Seung-an) with a 22-6 victory over Ilsan Dong-gu Junior Baseball Team.
It was the third time in less than a year that Jungwon-gu Junior Baseball won the tournament after winning the second half of last year’s tournament and the lower grade division.

Seongnam Jungwon-gu Junior Baseball Team participated in the 2023 U-15 First Half National Junior Tournament Weekend Baseball Tournament by forming a joint team with Gwangmyeong City Junior Baseball Team (manager Kim Deok-yong), and on the 21st at Hwaseong Dream Park Junior 1, the team showed an overwhelming offense of 14 hits and 22 runs against Ilsan-dong-gu in the final game, erasing the memory of the reverse loss to Ilsan Dong-gu Junior Baseball Team in the quarterfinals of the 2023 U-15 First Half Junior Baseball Tournament held last month and solidifying its position as the longest junior team.

The Jungwon-Gwangmyeong alliance team showed off its status as the strongest alliance team at the 2023 U-15 Second Half National Junior Tournament Baseball Tournament, where 19 teams participated, recording a record of 11-1 cold victory over the first opponent Cheonan City, 10-0 cold victory over Gangdong-gu Junior in the round of 16, 10-3 cold victory over powerhouse Giheung-gu in the quarterfinals, 16-2 victory over Seongdong-gu in the quarterfinals, and 22-6 victory over Ilsan Dong-gu in the final.

The runners-up, Ilsan Dong-gu Junior, scored three runs in the first inning to take the lead and started ace Shin Jeong-hwan to try to win the championship, but Shin was replaced early after giving up six runs in the second inning, and despite using all six pitchers, they were unable to handle the firepower of the Jungwon-Gwangmyeong team and had to settle for the runner-up spot.

Meanwhile, the best manager of the tournament was Gwangmyeong City Junior Baseball’s Kim Deok-yong, and the best player was Jungwon-gu Junior Baseball’s Myung-pluto, who went 3-for-3 (one double, one triple) with one RBI, five runs scored, two stolen bases, and one walk in the final.

Coach Lee Dong-cheol, who leads the Jungwon-gu Junior Baseball Team, said, “We were able to win the final against Ilsan Dong-gu Junior Baseball Team because all the players from Jungwon-gu and Gwangmyeong City played their roles perfectly. I would like to give this honor to my kids for believing in themselves and staying focused to the end, and to their parents for trusting them. We are overwhelmed to win our third title in a year after last year.” said Mr. Lee.메이저놀이터

Seongnam City’s Jungwon-gu Junior Baseball Team was founded in 2019 and is in its fifth year of existence, but it showed promise last year with four third-place finishes in the national tournament, and has since won three national championships in one year to become the strongest junior team in the country. Unlike other baseball teams, Jungwon-gu’s junior baseball team is a passionate team that combines study and sports, and has excellent school performance, and a healthy mind and body that is passionate about training and playing. Currently, there are 8 members, including 2 hobbyists and 6 players, playing as a team, and they are recruiting team members with the goal of forming a single team in the second half of the year.

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