Seol Young-woo, “I thought I would be scolded by director Hong Myung-bo… I will play the role” (Q&A)

Seol Young-woo (24) told about the moment of the first selection. 

The Korean national soccer team is about to play against the Uruguay national soccer team in an A-match invited by Hana Bank to be held at the Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul from 8:00 pm (Korean time) on the 28th. It is the national team that showed off hot football in the match against Colombia held on the 24th (2-2 draw). In the game on the 28th, the plan is to make the first win under the Jurgen Klinsmann (58) system. 

He is Seol Young-woo, a left-back born in 1998 for Ulsan Hyundai. In the meantime, he has performed outstandingly in the K-League, but has not been able to form a relationship with the national team. However, after Kim Jin-su (30) was injured, head coach Klinsman suddenly selected Seol Young-woo, and he was wearing the national team uniform for the first time. 

Regarding the time of selection, Seol Young-woo said, “Actually, I was training in the morning when I heard the news of the selection. (Ulsan Hyundai’s) coach Hong Myung-bo is not the type to personally call. Da (laugh) When I went to the coach, he congratulated me that I had been selected for the national team and contacted me. I couldn’t tell if it was a dream or reality.

The following is a Q&A with Seol Young-woo. 

Q. He is a left-back, but he is a ‘opposite-footed full-back’ with his right foot. Like the example of senior Lee Young-pyo, he would want to suppress unfamiliar gazes and become the best. (Reporter direct)

▶He played left fullback for the first time after coming to the pro team. His main foot is his right foot, which made him uncomfortable (in the left position), but he thought that if he could see his left side well, he would be given two options. He thought he could be more advantageous and trained with that mindset. 

Q. How do you feel about being selected for the national team?

▶ After becoming a professional player, he dreamed of becoming a national representative. There are many players in the sideback position. (Kim) Jinsu-hyung, (Kim) Moonhwan-hyung, and (Kim) Tae-hwan-hyung have been watching and learning. (Rather than being happy because he was suddenly selected) First, I wish Jin Soo-hyung, who was injured, a speedy recovery. He wants to take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

Q. What was the situation at the time you were selected, and can you tell us more about how it was when you heard the news? (Reporter’s direct statement)

▶ In fact, he was in training in the morning when he heard the news of his selection. Coach Hong Myung-bo (of Ulsan Hyundai) is not the type to call personally. But he called and told me to run quickly. I pointed out that I had done something wrong (laughs). When I went to the manager, he congratulated me that I had been selected for the national team and contacted me. I couldn’t tell if it was a dream or reality. When he went to the manager, he said a little bit harshly, ‘hey shey’ and congratulated him on being selected for the national team. He told me to do well and not show off as a country boy. 

Q. Lastly, what are your goals and determination? 

▶ There will be football that the newly appointed coach wants. It is important to follow it. I will make the most of what I have. My strength is that I can play a defensive role well from behind, and I can help by finding space in linked play. I want to make the most of it 온라인카지노

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