“Sense of responsibility, preparing mid- to long-term measures” KBO bowing its head over the ‘Tokyo disaster’, will there be an effective reform plan?

 Korean professional baseball suffered a catastrophic dropout in the first round of the WBC 3 times in a row. The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) issued an apology and promised to come up with countermeasures.

On the afternoon of the 16th, KBO apologized for the failure of this tournament and promised to reform through a statement titled “We will calmly analyze problems and establish mid- to long-term measures to improve league performance and national team competitiveness.”스포츠토토

KBO sincerely apologizes to the people and baseball fans who supported the baseball team for showing poor performance and performance at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC). The KBO and 10 clubs feel great responsibility for the results of this WBC tournament, and will humbly accept various reprimands,’ he bowed his head.

They also promised to come up with measures to prevent a recurrence.

KBO held the 2nd Executive Committee in 2023 on the 16th and discussed this issue in depth. We decided to come up with mid- to long-term measures to improve the league performance and the competitiveness of the national team as soon as possible.” I will do my best to achieve better results in the competition.”

As a result, it is expected that visible reform measures such as improvement of the system that hinders development will come out. In order to be an effective countermeasure, it is a situation that requires a reasonable and consistent countermeasure that can cover the internal resistance of the baseball world according to the interests.

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