‘Screen Golf Powerhouse’ Jung Myung-hoon challenges Kim Gook-jin… tight battle

Interim total result for 9 holes, 5 under par side by side‘Screen golf champion’ Jung Myung-hoon challenged Kim Kook-jin to a screen golf competition. After a tight battle, the two tied the score at the midpoint.

On the 7th, Kim Gook-jin TV showed Jung Myung-whun and Kim Gook-jin playing a screen golf match. Jung Myung-whun is a self-proclaimed ‘screen golfer’ with a history of winning first place in celebrity screen golf competitions.

In the beginning, Kim Gook-jin took the momentum first. After recording a distance of 204m from the tee shot on hole 1 (par 4), he succeeded in putting the ball 1.9m in front of the hole with his second shot. He recorded a clean birdie on his next shot and took the lead with 1 under par. On the other hand, Jung Myung-whun struggled as his tee shot fell into the rough. In the end, it failed to reduce the number of strokes.

In the 2nd hole (par 4), Jung Myung-whun started the chase. The tee shot flew over 265m and showed off a cool long hit. Afterwards, with the second shot, the ball was slightly raised and dropped into the hole 4m away. After that, he succeeded in making a clean birdie putt and reduced one stroke. On the other hand, Kim Kook-jin’s third shot, which rolled lightly, stopped right in front of the hole and unfortunately failed to birdie. 토토사이트

In the 3rd hole (par 3) and the 4th hole (par 4), Kim Kook-jin succeeded in making consecutive birdies and was completely on the flow. In the 3rd hole, he made a fantastic 7.2m birdie putt, and in the 4th hole, he landed the ball 180m away from the tee shot 2.7m from the hole with his second shot and made a successful birdie putt. Jung Myung-whun tried to birdie on the 3rd hole, but was unable to go into the hole as the ball bent sharply to the right. In the 4th hole, the tee shot went over the hole wide and only recorded a par.

In the 5th hole (par 5) and the 6th hole (par 4), Kim Kook-jin and Jung Myung-whun succeeded in cutting one stroke each in a row. In particular, Chung Myung-whun gained confidence by making a 3.3m birdie putt on the 5th hole. Jeong Myung-whun, who was riding the momentum, pursued Kim Kook-jin fiercely, reducing one stroke each in a row on the 7th hole (par 4) and 9th hole (par 5).

In the confrontation that went all the way to the ninth hole, Kim Kook-jin and Jung Myung-whun hit the middle total of 5 under par side by side. The video of the second half confrontation will be uploaded to Kim Gook-jin TV on the 13th.

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