Samsung Life Insurance – Shinhan Bank – KB, PO Fight?

At least in the matches between Samsung Life Insurance, Shinhan Bank and KB, there will be no garbage games. No matter what the score difference is, it has become a situation where you have to do your best until the end. This is because they may have to calculate the run-off percentage to get into the playoffs.

This is a trend that could not have been predicted just a month ago. With Woori Bank leading the pack, Samsung Life Insurance and BNK competed for second place, and Shinhan Bank and KB battled for fourth place.

In the confrontation that took place on Christmas, Shinhan Bank won KB after the second extension, and the ride between the 4th and 5th places became 4 games. It seemed that the competition for the quarterfinals might be over. But there are variables.

Samsung Life lost Yoon Ye-bin, Lee Joo-yeon and Kiana Smith both injured their knees. season is out All of the best lineups from the previous line, which were conceived in the off-season, have departed. And in the second half schedule that resumed after the All-Star break, Samsung Life Insurance lost all four games. It is 5 consecutive losses until the previous defeat against Woori Bank.

On the other hand, KB, which was defeated by Shinhan Bank, is on a four-game winning streak since the All-Star break. After his return, Park Ji-soo, who had been improving his condition little by little, is recovering his power.

Woori Bank is still in the countdown to winning the regular league. BNK also doesn’t have many rides with the third place, but it is highly likely to consolidate the second place in the remaining schedule due to its power. In the end, it seems that Samsung Life Insurance, Shinhan Bank, and KB will compete to advance to the playoffs until the end.

Currently, 3rd place Samsung Life Insurance and 5th place KB have 3 games. With 9-10 games remaining per team, there is ample possibility of a change in the standings. It is highly likely that their results will end in a tie.메이저놀이터

In the event of a tie in the season rankings, the WKBL determines the ranking in the order of ① Opponent record in head-to-head matches ② Head-to-head match-to-match ratio ③ Total match score-loss ratio.

The same applies when 3 or more teams are tied. The results in matches between the three teams are given priority, and then the goal-loss ratio in matches between the three teams is considered. When that is the same, you should also consider the goal loss rate for the entire season.

It is true that Samsung Life Insurance is in the most advantageous position in terms of the results achieved in the first half of the year, but Samsung Life Insurance has the most uneasy factors when looking at the current power and flow.

Even the results of their head-to-head matches are likely to end with 3 wins and 3 losses. In any situation, there can be a situation that needs to be calculated.

Therefore, Samsung Life Insurance, Shinhan Bank, and KB seem to have to think about the win-loss ratio until the end regardless of the game result in the remaining games.

▲ Priority record for tied situations

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