Sacheon City Hall, rival Gimcheon City Hall wins after extended battle

 Sacheon City Hall managed to win in overtime.

Sacheon City Hall held on the 19th at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeongsangbuk-do on the first day of the 2023 National Unemployment Basketball Federation and Regional Basketball Tournament, and Baek Chae-yeon (166cm, G)’s 3-storey victory over Gimcheon City Hall, which had a relentless pursuit, 64-61. did.

Sacheon City Hall and Gimcheon City Hall, who met on the first official stage of the season, showed a tense aspect at the beginning of the game.

In Sacheon City Hall, Yoo Hyun-yi (179cm, FC) moved actively under the goal, and on the outskirts, Yoon Ji-su (168cm, G) and Yun Na-ri (170cm, G) supported the back. Park Geun-young (158cm, G) faced off with 3 points.

Sacheon City Hall, which had an advantage in the second quarter, began to gain the upper hand little by little.

Gimcheon City Hall intensively attacked Sacheon City Hall under the goal, but Sacheon City Hall Yoo Hyeon-i seldom scored under the goal, and the reckless attack deprived the right to attack became the root of the problem.

In the meantime, Sacheon City Hall’s Hwang Mi-ye (172cm, F), who was replaced with Lee Eun-hye (170cm, G) at the center, steadily scored goals, and in defense, he blocked Gimcheon City Hall’s offensive with a persistent appearance, gradually making the score difference.메이저놀이터

In the second half of the game, Sacheon City Hall took a slight lead, but in the fourth quarter, Gimcheon City Hall fiercely pursued.

Gimcheon City Hall changed the atmosphere as all the players actively added to the rebound, and Jeong Ah-reum and Kim Mi-hyeon (172cm, F) took turns scoring in the offense to narrow the score gap. In addition, Kim Yu-jin succeeded in returning the game to the starting point with a score like gold.

However, the goddess of victory raised the hand of the Sichuan City Hall. Baek Chae-yeon of Sichuan City Hall put an end to the long game by scoring two 3-pointers at the opportunity created by his teammates.

In the following game, Daegu City Hall, one of the strong candidates for the championship, won 98-47 against the Seoul Basketball Association team, which participated in the tournament with 6 players.

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