Pirates in the ‘Pacific Zone’… The director said, “I hope it’s not affected by yesterday”

Pittsburgh Pirates, who lost against the Tampa Bay Rays, the team with the highest win rate in the league, expressed regret about the referee’s decision.

In an interview after losing the last game of the away series against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida on the 5th (Korean time) on the 5th (Korean time), Shelton expressed regret over the referee’s decision, saying, “I hope that’s not the case.” revealed

Manny Gonzalez, who was the referee that day, gave a generous judgment to Tampa Bay starter Zach Eflin. The hand also went up on a ball that seemed out of the strike zone on-screen, resulting in seven looking strikeouts for Pittsburgh hitters.

Shelton said, “Hitters raised a lot of questions about the strike decision. I think I got 5-6 looking strikeouts alone. Kutch (Andrew McCutchen), Joe (Connor Joe), Reynolds (Brian Reynolds), and other players who did not normally react to the strike ball decision showed their reaction.”

It is a situation where the judgment of retaliation is suspected. Shilton had frequent clashes with the referees in this series. He was ejected in the first game for protesting that he tripped an opposing pitcher’s balk and in the second game for questioning the operation of the pitch clock.

He said, “I hope not. You shouldn’t do that. He has to focus on the game itself and make decisions,” he said, raising his voice.

Reynolds, who struck out looking for a ball that went over the strike zone in the 7th inning, said, “It can’t be helped. We have to keep our own strike zone and aim for good balls,” he said.

Pittsburgh gave up all of the series, but the last game showed a little better in terms of content.

Shelton said, “The last two games were bad defense, but today I threw well and defended well. He said, “I just couldn’t target the opponent selection,” he said, “I have to forget today’s game and try to play good baseball again from tomorrow.”메이저놀이터

He didn’t forget his praise for Tampa Bay either. “It is a well-made team. There are many reasons for good grades. They execute according to plan. Young players must realize the importance of execution,” he said, emphasizing the need to learn from watching opponents.

“We didn’t play our style of baseball properly,” Reynolds said. No hits came when needed. While expressing regret about this series, saying, “We haven’t been able to properly utilize our strength, speed,” he was confident of a rebound, saying, “I don’t think we are in a state of panic yet.”

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