“Park Hang-seo is enraged by Vietnam’s 3 consecutive defeats in the Southeast Asian Games” Indonesian-Thai-Japanese media also pay attention

The scene where Park Hang-seo, former head coach of the Vietnam national soccer team, became angry when the under-22 (U-22) Vietnamese national team failed to win the 3rd consecutive SEA Games, is becoming a hot topic. 

The U-22 Vietnam national team lost 3-2 to U-22 Indonesia in the men’s soccer semifinals of the 2023 Southeast Asian Games held at the Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on the 13th (Korean time). 

As a result, defending champion Vietnam, who had been aiming to win the tournament three times in a row, failed to advance to the final and fell to the bronze medal match. A 3-game losing streak was a disappointment. Vietnam will compete with Myanmar for the bronze medal on the 16th. 

Vietnam won the championship one after another in the last 2019 and 2021 competitions when it was coach Park Hang-seo. They won the championship by beating Indonesia and Thailand in the final, respectively. 

Then Vietnamese soccer fans did not hide their disappointment. Already before the tournament, there was a prospect that it would be difficult to advance to the finals because it was composed of players with little experience, but he did not hide his regret by comparing it to the days of coach Park Hang-seo. 

Currently, Vietnam is led by head coach Philip Troussier, who succeeded Park as the former head coach of the Japanese national team. However, after losing this game, some Vietnamese fans even demanded the dismissal of coach Trudeau. 

Coincidentally, on social media, a 29-second video containing coach Park Hang-seo’s reaction to watching the match of his former students that day was uploaded, further increasing fans’ longing for the ‘Park Hang-seo days’. 

Former coach Park, who visited the stadium that day, watched the game from the general stands with his acquaintances and was furious at the scene where he scored the winning goal at the last minute. Vietnam knelt down on the day when it gave up a winning goal in the 6th minute of extra time in the second half when the score was 2-2. In the 15th minute of the previous half, opponent Pratama Arhan received a red card and had a numerical advantage, but Vietnam had to bow its head.

Former director Park expressed his frustration by slamming the fan he was holding in his hand into the front seat. Then, when the game was over, Park hurriedly left the field. 

On the 15th, Vietnam’s ‘Bongda Plus’ introduced the Indonesian media’s reaction to the final along with a video of former coach Park. Indonesia will compete against Thailand for the gold medal in the final on the 16th.

Indonesia’s ‘Bola’ said, “Coach Park was angry when he saw the defeat in Vietnam. He quickly left the stadium.” “Coach Park was just a spectator that day, but he was angry. There were many cases,” he explained. 

Another Indonesian ‘Suara’ said, “Coach Hang-seo Park was furious when Vietnam lost at the last minute. If you look at the video on social media, coach Hang-seo Park’s anger is evident.” He kept hitting the chair with the fan he had in his hand and then left.” 메이저놀이터

The Thai media were also excited about Vietnam’s defeat. It was Thailand, which reigned as the absolute powerhouse in Southeast Asia, but experienced setbacks several times after Park took office. Thailand’s ‘Khao Sword’ criticized, “The defending champion Vietnam lost to Indonesia and became the king of the past.”

Another Thai media, ‘Siam Sports’ said, “Indonesia, who fought with only 10 players, won Vietnam,” and “Vietnamese players were impatient.” One minute of defensive negligence and carelessness closed the door to the ambition to secure three consecutive gold medals.” 

Japan’s ‘Tokyo Sports’ also wrote in an article titled, “When Vietnam, led by coach Troussier, lost, former coach Park Hang-seo was enraged,” “As Vietnam lost 2-3 to Indonesia and lost its third straight game, former coach Park, who was watching the game, It is becoming a hot topic because it is furious,” he emphasized. /letmeout@osen.co.kr

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