Opening of World Curling Championships… Recreate the Glory of the Ice City

The 2023 World Curling Championships will kick off today (21st) in Gangneung and continue until the 29th.

Seniors and men’s and women’s national curling teams from all over the world continue their fierce competition.

Reporter Jo Yeon-joo reports.


The 2023 World Curling Championships held in Gangneung opened today (21st).

It is the first world championship held in Korea in 14 years, with a total of 59 teams and 360 players from 30 countries around the world participating.카지노사이트

In this event, the ‘Senior’ competition, in which 4 players over the age of 50 participate, and the ‘Mix Double’ competition, which consists of 2 male and female players, will be held at the same time.

In particular, the Gangneung area curling team, selected as the national senior curling team, is participating in this event, attracting attention.

The national team will play its first game against the English national team tomorrow (22nd) at 8:00 pm at the Gangneung Hockey Center.

[Soundbite] Cheon In-seon(Senior Curling National Representative) : “There is a shortage of practice time. (But) I want to win and go to the quarterfinals.”

] We are focusing on

It is expected that the event will be held successfully as the ice quality of the stadium has been managed at the Olympic level and facility maintenance such as lighting replacement has been carried out.

[Soundbite] Han Seung-ryul(Chief of Culture, Tourism and Oceans Bureau, Gangneung City) : “The Gangneung Curling Center has been upgraded from 4 lanes to 5 lanes, and the Gangneung Hockey Center has been upgraded to 6 lanes.

” From (21st), the ‘Mix Double’ competition will start tomorrow (22nd) and continue until the 29th.

This event is open to everyone for free, with no admission fee required.

Gangneung City plans to successfully host this event to imprint the image of Gangneung, the city of ice, once again around the world, and to prepare for the Winter Youth Olympics next year.

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