One more year with ‘Heung’… Free agent Kim Yeon-kyung who chose to challenge for the championship with her parents’ team

‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung (35) aims to win again at Heungkuk Life Insurance. After completing the 2022-2023 season, Kim Yeon-kyung, who qualified for the first free agent (FA), stayed with Heungkuk Life Insurance as the best treatment.

Heungkuk Life Insurance announced on the 16th that “the contract period with Kim Yeon-kyung was 1 year, a total of 775 million won (annual salary of 475 million won, an option of 300 million won) was stamped.” In women’s volleyball with a salary cap, Kim Yeon-kyung signed a contract with the maximum amount a player could receive.

Kim Yeon-kyung, who officially announced the extension of her active life after winning the MVP award at the regular league awards ceremony on the 10th, wanted only one thing as she entered the free agency market, winning the championship.온라인바카라

Heungkuk Life Insurance took first place in the regular league this season, but lost the championship to Korea Expressway Corporation in the championship match with 2 wins and 3 losses. As Kim Yeon-kyung entered the free agency market, a number of teams paid great attention, and it seemed to be narrowed down to a two-part battle between the original team, Heungkuk Life Insurance and Hyundai Engineering & Construction. However, Hyundai E&C has a salary cap problem.

After the next season, there will be four players who will be eligible for free agency: Hwang Min-kyung, Kim Yeon-gyeon, Hwang Yeon-joo, and Jeong Si-young. Previously, when Yang Hyo-jin stayed at Hyundai E&C under a free agent contract, the pay cut controversy arose by lowering his ransom.

In the end, Kim Yeon-kyung’s heart was returned by Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Marcello Abondanza, the command tower. Director Abondanza ate together with Kim Yeon-kyung at Turkiye Fenerbahce for four years. From 2013 to 2017, when Abondanza was at the helm, they won the league championship and the European Volleyball Federation (CEV) Cup.

On the 12th, coach Abondanza accompanied a person from Heungkuk Life Insurance to meet Kim Yeon-kyung and actively persuaded him to stay.

Kim Yeon-kyung said, “I had a lot of thoughts because it was the first free agent in my life. The coach’s plan for the season was a big reason why I made up my mind.” He said, “I can still vividly hear the cheers of the fans who filled the 6,000 seats last season. I want to lift the trophy that I unfortunately missed this time next season.”

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