On-site excuse + K-League weaving… KFA’s ‘pardon entrance statement’ that it was better not to do

The Korean Football Association (KFA) held a board meeting just before the Korea-Uruguay match on the 28th to pardon 100 soccer players, including those who were punished for match-fixing, and passed the controversy on the 29th, a day later A statement was issued with an explanation.

However, in the statement, the KFA is giving contradictory explanations, such as “the purpose of giving those who have been pardoned a chance to recover”, but emphasizing that it is difficult for those who have been severely punished to act as leaders, referees, or executives. Prospect.

The KFA also unexpectedly brought in the Korean Professional Football Federation (K League), which said it could not follow their pardon. 온라인바카라

Quite a few soccer fans were outraged by the KFA’s action that day, and it was also a burden on the KFA that the ‘Red Devils’ insisted on the complete withdrawal of the amnesty measure.

KFA said on the 29th, “We are well aware that there are many people who are expressing concerns about this pardon.”

The KFA said the day before, “We congratulated ourselves on advancing to the 10th consecutive World Cup last year and advancing to the round of 16 in the World Cup in Qatar, and reflected the opinions of the frontlines who proposed an amnesty for harmony and a new start in the football world.” There is also the purpose of giving another chance to footballers who are judged to have sufficiently reflected on themselves,” he said, pardoning 100 people.

Among them were former national team players such as Choi Seong-guk, Yeom Dong-gyun, and Kwon Ji-jip, who were sentenced to permanent expulsion from the KFA for match-fixing in 2011 and convicted in court.

The KFA forgave the key players in the match-fixing game that turned Korean football into a mess 12 years ago, without seeking consent from fans and public opinion.

As public opinion pointed arrows at the soccer world, such as ‘snatch pardon’, KFA came up with an additional explanation for the amnesty late on the 29th.

First of all, KFA said, “We decided to reflect the opinions of the field for the grand integration of the soccer world.” It was also taken into consideration that the rules on mitigating disciplinary action and not allowing amnesty were deleted for some acts such as match fixing at the sports meeting.”

It means that he could no longer ignore the barrage of demands in the field, so he issued a large pardon.

He said, “Among those subject to pardon, 48 participants in match-fixing have long since received penalties such as fines, suspended sentences, and 1 to 2 years in prison.” Seeing that the degree of participation in match-fixing was relatively weak, we proposed a mitigation of disciplinary action to the association, but the association’s board of directors refused to ratify it.” unfolded

At the same time, KFA clearly drew a line on the question of whether it is possible for the pardoned person to act as a leader, referee, or executive, informing that it is impossible.

“In the case of KFA’s disciplinary amnesty, in the case of those who have been expelled or suspended indefinitely, the same effect as being changed from the original disciplinary start date to the final date of the current amnesty,” he said. Discipline ends based on the day the pardon is confirmed. As if there was no discipline from the beginning, there has not been a ‘reinstatement’ in which all rights are restored,” the KFA said. And it is impossible for match-fixing discipliners to act as coaches, referees, and player managers.”

The position of the KFA, which was shouting for a chance to recover through amnesty, has changed at the end of the article. Despite the amnesty, those involved in match-fixing in the past are explaining that they cannot set foot in the soccer world.

Since the purpose is to enforce the amnesty itself like jumping over a serpentine wall, it is said that the logic does not match even within the entrance door.

A person in the sports world said, “I don’t understand that the pardon was suddenly issued, but I don’t understand how to make a comeback if the pardoned people are not able to be leaders, executives, and referees, saying that they are given a chance to recover.” As a reason) I brought up the demands of the field, but can a world that takes care of its own family really be called a field?” he sighed.

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