No matter how Ohtani is, he appeared in all but one game. When are you going to rest?

 “It seems to be okay so far.”

Los Angeles Angels Shohei Ohtani started this season in ‘historic condition’. He is sweeping the major league stage while serving as both a pitcher and a hitter, and is leading the Angels as a pitching leader this season as well. In particular, he is in good condition as a pitcher this year.

As of the 24th (hereafter Korean time), Ohtani, who made five starts as a starting pitcher, is recording an amazing record of 3 wins, no losses and an average ERA of 0.64. His batting average is just 9.2. He gave up only two runs while pitching 28 innings. His lowest earned run average is first in all of the major leagues. The second place is followed by Gerrit Cole of the New York Yankees with 0.79.

His batting performance has not reached the perfect track yet, but it is in compliance. He is batting 2.6 3 with 5 home runs and 13 RBI. Still, as a starting pitcher and as a hitter every day, Ohtani’s combined career as a major league pitcher is nothing short of phenomenal.

The question is, when will the battery discharge? Ohtani started the year without a break. He built up his body earlier than usual because of the WBC participation in March, and the accumulated fatigue is not small.메이저놀이터

However, Ohtani has appeared in all but one of the 22 games the Angels have played so far. The last game against the Washington Nationals on the 13th was the only missed game, and 5 of the games he participated in were both pitching and hitting. No matter how much he is called Ohtani, it is impossible not to worry about his physical strength. Since the 15th, the Angels have been digesting the ’17 series of death’.

According to Japanese media reports such as ‘Sankei Sports’ on the 24th, when asked about Ohtani’s rest day in an interview with reporters after the Kansas City Royals match that day, Angels coach Phil Nevin said, “I took one game off from the last game against Washington. I may take a break, but I don’t know yet,” he said. “I talk to Ohtani directly every day and ask about his condition and doctor.”

The Angels also recently gave another hit-and-run key Mike Trout a break. Coach Nevin showed strong faith, saying, “Now Ohtani is in good condition and is ready to continue playing. So far, I think he is fine.”

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