‘Model wife who doesn’t want to live in Germany’… Sane is on the way to and from London and Manchester

 ‘Model wife who doesn’t want to live in Germany… Sane is on his way to and from England.’

On the 27th (Korean time), Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ quoted a report from Germany’s ‘Bild’, and cited his wife, who is dissatisfied with life in Munich, as one of the reasons Leroy Sane (27, Bayern Munich, Germany) lost form after this winter break. Picked up.

According to the media, Sane’s wife, American model Candice Brooke, said she did not want to live in Germany anymore and she returned to England. In addition to London, she lives in Manchester, home of Manchester City, where Sane previously played. ‘Daily Mail’ revealed that ‘Sane commutes between Munich, London and Manchester because of her wife’. 메이저놀이터

Notably, Sane did not participate in training with her club Bayern Munich during her recent A-match break. According to ‘Bild’, Sane has returned to England on the condition that she complete a personal training program with her club in order to spend time with her wife and children. The media emphasized the situation in which she could not fully focus on football, saying, ‘Sane frequently travels to and from three cities due to the presence of her demanding wife.’

Sane scored five goals in the league alone in the first half of this season, but has only scored two goals in the second half. It is evaluated that his performance itself has dropped compared to the first half.

In addition to family affairs, being late for team training is also controversial. There was also an incident in which Sane again failed to board the bus at the promised time right after team training ahead of the match against Monchengladbach last month, and the coaches left him behind to leave the squad bus.

Head coach Julian Nagelsmann, who recently stepped down from the head coaching position, was also uncomfortable with Sane’s inability to focus on football. ‘Built’ magazine predicted that ‘Sane is feeling lonely in Munich without a family’ and that he will continue to live a life going back and forth in England.

However, he is interested in whether he will change under the new coach Thomas Tuchel. Coach Tuchel has wanted to sign Sane since his days as Chelsea manager.

Bayern Munich is currently in second place in the league with 15 wins, 7 draws and 3 losses (52 points), one point behind Dortmund (53 points). There are 9 matches remaining.

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