Masters ‘procrastination’ Cantlay “The group in front was slow”

Patrick Cantley (USA), who was criticized for ‘procrastination’ in the final round of this year’s Masters Golf Tournament, explained.

According to Golf Digest, a professional golf media, Cantlay said on the 12th (Korean time), “It wasn’t that I was slow, it was the group in front of me that was slow.”

Brooks Koepka (USA), who played against Jon Rahm (Spain) in the champion group of the final round of the Masters, criticized “the group in front was too slow” after finishing as runner-up.

Koepka said, “Rahm went to the bathroom seven times in the fourth round alone. He had to wait, and wait again.”메이저놀이터

Cantlay and Viktor Hoblan (Norway) played in the group in front of Ram and Koepka, and Hobland was also known to be annoyed by Cantlay’s belated play.

Cantlay is known for being a slow player.

However, Cantlay explained, “When I finished hole 1 and moved to hole 2, the group in front of me only hit their tee shot. Throughout the 18 holes, I waited for them to finish their shots and move.”

He added, “At Augusta National Golf Club, hole-outs take a long time. The final round was also affected by the wind. Every shot counts for a professional player.”

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