‘Man City was also confused’… Sterling: ‘Needs time + leader’ to Chelsea rebuilding question

Raheem Sterling, who has experienced both Manchester City and Chelsea, insists that Chelsea need time. 

Ahead of this season, Chelsea, whose owner Todd Boley took over the team and made a huge investment, disappointed fans with less than expected results. 

Following coaches Thomas Tuchel and Graham Porter, they tried to bounce back by bringing back the team’s legend, Frank Lampard, but recently lost five consecutive losses and are unlikely to participate in competitions hosted by the European Football Federation (UEFA) next season.

In the midst of this, the striker, who has been active in the Premier League through Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea, mentioned what Chelsea needs to become a strong team again. 

British media The Sun reported on the 29th (Korean time), “Sterling emphasized that Chelsea’s rebuilding will take time, like Manchester City’s.” 

Sterling joined Chelsea from Manchester City ahead of the season. He has grown into a winger representing the Premier League, playing for Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea. 

Reportedly, Sterling said: “Man City weren’t that kind of team in the first few years. They weren’t the best. Pep Guardiola came in and they played good football, but they didn’t win the first season.” 

“Man City had the structure and the time to implement Pep’s way and bring in the right players. They did it better than anyone else, so it’s no coincidence that they’re doing well now,” he said. stressed the need for time. 

However, Man City under Guardiola’s managerial system was quite different from Chelsea today. In the 2016/17 season, his first year in charge, Guardiola finished in third place in the league and advanced to the UEFA Champions League and built a championship power. 

On the other hand, Chelsea is currently in 11th place this year, and advancing to the Champions League is also unclear, and the recruitment strategy is also in a situation where it is necessary to reorganize with a newly appointed manager. 메이저놀이터

Sterling announced the urgency of appointing a formal manager, saying, “We need a leader that players follow wherever we go. We must appoint a manager.” 

Regarding the rest of the season, “I know that the situation is not familiar to the fans, and we have to try to look at the bigger picture from now until the end of the season. We will try to finish as positively and strongly as possible. It’s an opportunity and we have nothing to fear.”

Chelsea, which has been highly anticipated this season with huge investment, needs to prepare to make up for the disappointment of fans with a new manager ahead of next season. As Sterling mentioned, attention is focused on whether Chelsea will be able to have time and leaders for growth. 

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