‘Man City championship could be cancelled? Would you like to join us?’ PSG’s Temptation

Reporter Ban Jin-hyeok = Paris Saint-Germain is aiming for a heavyweight manager.

Spanish media ‘El Nacional’ reported on the 12th, “If manager Pep Guardiola decides to part ways with Manchester City, he will receive calls from various teams, and PSG will also step in.”

“PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi is not at all satisfied with coach Christopher Galtier,” he said, adding that there is a wind of a change in the command tower.

Manchester City’s current situation is a beacon in the wind. In nine seasons, from 2009/10 to 2017/18, he was charged with more than 100 Financial Fair Play (FFP) violations.

The FFP regulations limit the team’s loss limit and debt size, but Man City violated it. If the charges are acknowledged, the atmosphere is that fines, points deduction, and even expulsion from the EPL are possible.

In particular, it is said that it could even lead to the withdrawal of the winning record achieved during the violation period.

Manchester City boss Guardiola has announced that he will stay, but the prospect is that he may leave if the worst comes. 온라인카지노

PSG is keeping a close eye on this situation. It means seizing the opportunity and appointing him as a director.

PSG, led by Galtier, was eliminated early in the recent cup competition. The Champions League has advanced to the round of 16, but if it loses to Bayern Munich, the hardship will likely gain momentum.

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