Lumbar fracture → Return after 2 months ‘Vibranium Mental’ Kim Jin-soo “It’s the shortest injury I’ve ever had, so I can overcome it”

“The recovery period is the shortest among the injuries I have suffered so far. It can be overcome.”

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors recorded a 0-0 draw without a goal in the 2023 Hana One Q K League 1 Round 13 away match against Incheon United held at the Incheon Soccer Stadium on the 14th. The season’s first winning streak failed, but Kim Jin-soo, who came back from a back injury, had a successful comeback match, which was definitely a harvest.

Kim Jin-soo suffered a back injury in an A-match against Colombia last March and could not return to the field for nearly two months. He has only made 4 appearances this season. Maeng Seong-woong endured well, but Kim Jin-soo’s gap was never small.

It was rather early for Kim Jin-soo to return to Incheon. Maeng Seong-woong was injured in the beginning of the first half and was put in 8 minutes after the start of the game.

He was on the ground again after a long time, but Kim Jin-soo’s presence was great. He actively participated in the attack and showed off a wonderful left-footed shot in the 40th minute of the first half. In defense, he showed off his class by blocking Incheon’s pass route.

Kim Jin-soo, who we met in the mixed zone after the game, said, “It is fortunate that I returned earlier than the period I was diagnosed with. Still, I feel a little regretful that he didn’t win the game.”

He continued, “I didn’t take a CT scan again. He was pain-free, so he started exercising. When I had my last CT scan two weeks ago, I heard that the bones hadn’t attached yet, but now I have no pain, so I’m exercising normally.” Even just a few minutes of running would be appreciated. (Maeng) Seong-woong got hurt and unintentionally played a lot of time. He added that it was not as difficult as he thought.

This is Kim Jin-soo, who has suffered from big and small injuries. As he is a very fighting player, the risk for his injury is also high. But he wasn’t intimidated. Rather, he boasted of his ‘vibranium’ mentality, showing off his strength.

Kim Jin-soo said, “Injury, return, injury, return, etc. This situation is repeated. don’t think too much He has been diagnosed with 2 months but that is the shortest period considering the injuries he has suffered. So there is no reason to think big,” he said. “It is more important to just accept it well and think about what to do next. It’s an experience you’ve been through, and you can overcome it through it. Every player wants to avoid injury. Even if I lose, I will not be discouraged or think too much.”

Jeonbuk’s performance this season is not good, but it still has to look huge from the opponent’s point of view. There are so many players with such good skills that many teams lower the defensive line and see opportunities for counterattacks. Kim Jin-soo was also clearly aware of this.

Kim Jin-soo said, “Even if our situation is bad, I still think that most of them, except for a few teams, lower the defensive line when facing a team called ‘Jeonbuk’. Same as today, Incheon came out prepared for a counterattack, and we also prepared for that part. There were many chances for each other, but both teams couldn’t save it, so it was a draw.”메이저놀이터

Jeonbuk boasted a splendid and powerful power, but eventually faced the worst situation with a change of command tower due to a series of injuries and departures of key players. Kim Jin-soo must have watched this as well. He said, “I felt responsible for myself because the team I belonged to was sluggish. Every time I thought it was important, there were many times when I got hurt. I have never been hurt alone, and I have been injured after competing with opponents, so I think it is inevitable,” he said. “Even when I couldn’t play, I tried to help the players. That is why I followed the Seoul expedition,” he explained.

Jeonbuk has already hit bottom. Now only the rebound remains. Kim Jin-soo also seemed to have camped with Bae-soo. He said, “What is certain is that we and the director trusted each other. However, the players could not show everything on the ground,” he said. I have the mindset that everything I have built so far can collapse.”

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