Lose, lose, lose, lose, lose, lose, lose… Samsung Director Eun Hee-seok “Yatoo Nanjo catches my ankle”

“I wonder if Yatoo Nanjo didn’t catch on.”

Seoul Samsung lost 65-68 in an away game against Goyang Carrot in the 4th round of SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball 2022-23 held at Goyang Gymnasium on the 30th, and was humiliated by losing its 13th consecutive season.

After the game, Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok said, “I think the prepared defense has been somewhat successful. However, I wonder if Yatoo Nanjo was holding back,” he said. “Our players did their best. However, I feel sorry for the fans for not being able to break the losing streak.”

Samsung’s losing streak seems never to end. It is difficult to predict how long their losing streak will last as even the schedule is not easy. 메이저사이트

In a crisis like this, it is the veterans who have to step out in the end. Samsung has good veteran resources in Lee Jung-hyun and Kim Shi-rae, but they are not in a good condition recently. In particular, Lee Jung-hyun showed a physically exhausted appearance while digesting a lot of participation time.

Director Eun said, “I have lost a lot of stamina. He is playing with the will to break the losing streak as a senior, but the situation is not going well. I try to adjust the input timing while giving them a break, but it can actually lower their condition, which is a concern. I am thinking about which method is best.”

Even without mentioning the losing streak, Samsung’s meager scoring ability has been holding back throughout the season. It is a very low record at 72.9 points per game. It is more than 10 points away from first place Seoul SK (83.8 points). As basketball is a sport that cannot be won only by defense, it is not an exaggeration to say that Samsung’s current performance is closely related to its disappointing offense.

Coach Eun said, “I tell the players not to miss the opportunity with confidence. It is a situation where they are scoring only in 2-2 play, but (Lee) Jeong-hyeon is scoring only in the central play. He tells them to challenge themselves confidently even if they fail to attack in a one-on-one situation. 2v2 play alone is difficult. We will encourage more so that the situation we want can come out.”

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