‘Long hit monster’ DeChambeau, “I don’t obsess over long hits anymore… ”

Bryson DeChambeau (USA, 30), who boasted of superpowered long hits, announced that he no longer pursues long hits.

On the 2nd, on the website of LIV Golf, DeChambo said, “I don’t try to increase the distance anymore.”

During his time on the PGA Tour, DeChambeau established himself as a ‘powerful long hitter’ by increasing his size and increasing his swing speed. In 2021, he became the long drive king with an average drive shot distance of 323.7 yards. He also did not hide his desire for long hitting, participating in long hitting competitions for two consecutive years.

DeChambeau, however, has changed 180 degrees since last year. His performance declined and he left the PGA to LIV, but to no avail. “I realized the limitations of his body and equipment,” he said.

DeChambeau said, “There is a limit to increasing swing speed with engineering technology. He explained why he gave up long hits, saying, “If you hit a ball with a ball speed of 200 miles per hour and drop it on the fairway, it would be surprising and would be an absolute weapon, but that is still impossible.”

Last year was a tough year both physically and mentally. In April of last year, he underwent surgery to fracture his left wrist. It was because he overtrained to increase his swing speed. His digestive problems caused him to lose a lot of weight, and his diabetic father passed away. It was also recorded as a year of misfortune in which he had never won a championship since his debut in 2016 with his worst performance. 토토사이트

DeChambeau also revealed that he underwent surgery to remove a retention cyst in the maxillary sinus in December of last year. He has suffered from this disease since 2020, making it difficult to breathe through his nose and often complaining of dizziness. DeChambeau said the surgery was “the biggest decision of my life” and that “I am full of energy now, my thoughts are clear and I can speak freely.”

In addition, he said, “I feel like I’ve returned to the me of 2018 (who won four championships),” and said, “I have aspirations to become an overwhelming player like back then.” He was once ranked 4th in the world, but now has fallen to 96th.

Meanwhile, DeChambeau will participate in the Asian Professional Golf Tour PIF Saudi International from the 2nd.

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