LIV Golf finally got angry… Greg Norman: “Don’t get involved in the calculation of world rankings”

 LIV golf eventually got horny. Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, personally issued a warning message to the representatives of the world’s two major golf leagues, including PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan and DP World Tour CEO Keith Pelli, saying, “Do not get involved in ranking calculations.” thing. Commissioner Monaghan and CEO Pelli are responding by saying that they are ‘not involved’.

Conflict between “Recognition of LIV Golf Official Tournament” vs. “No cutoff, no recognition”

According to the golf world on the 25th, CEO Norman warned in a recent interview with a media outlet, “The World Golf Ranking (OWGR) Board of Directors should not be involved in calculating the world rankings of LIV golf players.” When players participating in the LIV golf tour failed to qualify for major tournaments due to a drop in rankings, CEO Norman personally issued a warning to the representatives of the two major leagues leading the OWGR.

LIV Golf was launched with the enormous financial resources of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund and is shaking the world’s men’s professional golf ecosystem. However, due to the competition method without a cutoff, the world ranking is not recognized. Therefore, players participating in the LIV Golf Tour have no participation or ranking records during the tournament, so their world rankings inevitably decline every week. As a result, the way to participate in the four major tournaments is getting narrower, so it is difficult to actively participate in the LIV Golf Tour.

LIV Golf has been protesting against this measure for years, saying it is discriminatory, but OWGR is known to be sticking to its existing position that a 3-round tournament without a cutoff cannot be recognized as an official tournament. In response, Norman argues that the heads of the two leagues, Monaghan and Pelli, are included in the OWGR board of directors, and that the players’ participation in LIV Golf has an impact on the calculation of the world rankings.

Monahan and Pelli “No influence on LIV Golf” confrontation

However, The Telegraph reported that Monaghan and Pelli did not attend OWGR’s final 2022 board meeting, which was held last month. Along with this, it was revealed that LIV golf players’ applications would be handled by a separate committee composed of representatives from the four major tournaments, including the PGA, R&A, USGA, and Augusta National GC.

Currently, unlike the general PGA Tour and DP World Tour, major tournaments do not restrict the participation of LIV golf players. However, the number of LIV golf players who are at a disadvantage in calculating the world rankings is expected to decrease as time goes by, as players who do not qualify for ranking cannot participate.

Pelli also said in an interview with the media, “We are not involved in the progress of the LIV Golf Series and will not influence or comment.”

LIV Golf to host 14 tournaments, starting with Mexico next month 메이저사이트

Previously, LIV Golf requested OWGR to reflect the results of the tournament in the rankings of the players participating in the tour in July. Some players even wrote an open letter to OWGR President Peter Dawson last October asking for a speedy decision regarding the rankings. However, OWGR has stated that it cannot be reflected in their rankings as long as the current LIV golf method is maintained.

LIV Golf protested that the OWGR reflected the Mexico Tour, which is held in three rounds of 54 holes, in the ranking, saying, ‘It’s the same three round tournament, but why doesn’t LIV Golf reflect it?’ This is the explanation from OWGR.

Meanwhile, LIV Golf will enter the 2023 season next month.

According to the 2023 season schedule announced by the LIV Golf Series on the 25th (local time), this year’s opening match will be held in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for three days from the 24th of next month. This season, the LIV series will hold a total of 14 competitions in 7 countries, including Mexico, the United States, Australia and Singapore, and will conclude with the Saudi Arabia competition in November. Last year, the season started in June and consisted of eight competitions.

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