Lee Chae-eun, who dreams of KB’s V3, “I can’t imagine winning the scene”

Lee Chae-eun and the KB team entered off-season training for V3.

Lee Chae-eun (171cm, G), who graduated from Inseong Girls’ High School, joined Bucheon Hanawon Q as the 3rd place in the 2nd round of the 2018-2019 WKBL New Player Selection. Lee Chae-eun showed more activity in the Park Shin-ja Cup and Futures League than in the first team. He also helped Hana 1Q win the first round of Triple Jam in 2022. He spent four seasons in Hana OneQ alone.

However, he joined Cheongju KB through a trade with Choi Ji-sun (175cm, F) this off-season. After that, he immediately participated in KB team training and put his hands and feet together.

Lee Chae-eun, who we met in the off-season, said, “Now we are in the stage of adapting to the team. He became friendly with the guys too. He is all very helpful, but (Lee) Yoon-mi, who is the same age as him, helps a lot. (Laughs) We always eat together,” he started the interview.

Later, when asked about the difference between KB and Hana 1Q training, Lee Chae-eun said, “The weight training method is different. Hana 1 Q did a lot with a light weight. However, this takes a longer range of motion. It was awkward at first, but I think I’ve gotten used to it to some extent now. I think the training I am doing now is more difficult.”

“I came here and practiced defense a lot. Hana 1 Q is also a team that puts a lot of emphasis on defense. Thanks to that, I think I adapted more quickly.”메이저놀이터

Lee Chae-eun chose ‘defense complement’ as her first homework. “I have been focusing a lot on defense. But he didn’t think so. It was the same last year too. So this time I really want to complement the defense more. The coach also puts a lot of emphasis on defense. If I show good defense, I think I will get more chances.”

Although KB failed to advance to the playoffs last season, it is a strong team representing WKBL. Our goal this season is to win. In response, Lee Chae-eun said, “When I joined KB, everyone’s goal was to win. (Laughter) Suddenly, I am thrilled to be looking at a high place. (Laughter) Actually, I can’t imagine that my team will win. But I also want to do my best to help win the championship.”

Finally, “It’s been 5 years now. I feel anxious when the players below me come up, but I have to do my best. And I want to prove myself. To that end, I will do my best from the off-season.”

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