Kwon Chang-hoon, “re-challenge to advance to Europe after being discharged in June”..Sergeant in March

Kwon Chang-hoon (29), managing director of the professional soccer team Gimcheon, announced that he would return to the European stage after being discharged.

Kwon Chang-hoon said at the 2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp held at the Songjeong Hotel in Busan on the 9th, “I want to go to Europe and challenge again when I have a chance after being discharged in June.”

He said, “I think I’m at an age where I can challenge again,” and promised, “Europe is the league I’ve dreamed of, so I’ll prepare well to go out again.”

He advanced to the French league in 2017, played in Germany from 2019, and returned to Korea in 2021. He participated in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar last year as a national team member.

When asked, “Is there a European league you want to play in?”, Kwon Chang-hoon replied, “I want to find a team that suits me.

His contract with Suwon Samsung, where he worked before enlisting, has expired.

Regarding the World Cup in Qatar, he recalled, “All the players did their best, and the result of the round of 16 remains as a good memory.” . 메이저놀이터

In particular, for Kwon Chang-hoon, his team Kimcheon suffered from being demoted from K-League 1 to the second division, but at the end of the year, good things and bad things continued, such as advancing to the World Cup round of 16.

Looking back, Kwon Chang-hoon said, “Last year, there were many ups and downs, and it was a year of repeated ups and downs.”

Kim Cheon, who will play in the second division this season, is considered a strong candidate for the championship.

Kwon Chang-hoon exists, but it is also because many of the 18 new recruits who joined last month were national team players.

Becoming a sergeant in March, he expressed his determination as a veteran, saying, “I will maintain good physical condition to help the team until I am discharged, and I will do my best in my position without injury.”

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