Korean badminton, runner-up at the Asian Mixed Team Championship even without an ace

Korean badminton won the runner-up at the Asian Mixed Team Championships.

The Korean badminton team lost the match score 1-3 to China in the final match of the ‘2023 Asian Mixed Team Badminton Championships’ held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the 19th (Korean time) and only won the silver medal.

Korea, which actually participated in the second team in this tournament, was a satisfactory achievement just by advancing to the final, but it was regrettable that it could not cross the ‘Great Wall’ in the final following the group stage.

Lee Yun-gyu (Gimcheon City Hall), who started as a runner in the first game (men’s singles), showed an uneasy start by losing 0-2 (16-21, 15-21) in a confrontation with Reylan City. In the second match (women’s singles), Kim Ga-eun (Samsung Life Insurance) went to a rematch with Gao Fangji, but withdrew by 0-2 (15-21, 15-21). On the 16th, Kim Ga-eun met Gao Fangji in the final match of the Group A preliminary round (2-3 Korea loss) and lost 0-2.온라인바카라

Korea in crisis. But he did not give up easily. As in the final match of the group stage, Kim Won-ho (Samsung Life Insurance) and Na Seong-seung (Gimcheon City Hall), who started as runners in the third match (men’s doubles) after two losses, strongly resisted, embarrassing the Chinese team’s He Ji-ting and Jo Hao-dong. Kim Won-ho and Na Seong-seung lost the first set 19-21, but set the stage for a counterattack with a score of 21-16 in the second set, and then succeeded in a come-from-behind match with a score of 21-17 in the third set, making the match score 1-2.

But the counterattack ended there. Lee So-hee (Incheon International Airport) and Jeong Na-eun (Hwasun-gun Office), who started the women’s doubles in the 4th match, ended the chase by losing 0-2 (11-21, 10-21) to Ryu Seong-soo and Tanning Group.

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