Klopp without a care in the world about Salah “If you say you’re leaving, I’ll take you”…to the point of throwing a basketball.

“If Salah says ‘I have to leave’, I will take him myself”

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp, whose side have been knocked out of the UEFA Champions League (UCL), has joked about Mohamed Salah’s possible departure from the club, assuring that he will not.

Fifth-placed Liverpool have a game in hand on fourth-placed Newcastle, who have 70 points (19 wins, 13 draws and five defeats) and cannot leapfrog them into fourth place even with three more points. Salah, who has been in a Liverpool shirt since 2017, missed out on the UCL for the first time in six years after the 2016-2017 season.

Reacting to the UCL failure, Salah said on social media, “I’m completely devastated. “We did everything we needed to do to qualify for the Champions League next season and we failed,” he said on social media.메이저놀이터

“We are Liverpool and qualifying for the UCL was the minimum requirement and I’m sorry. It’s too early for optimistic posts. We have let you and ourselves down,” he apologized.

When asked if he was worried about Salah leaving the team, Klopp was adamant: “There is no need to worry. I saw him on the training ground. There is no problem. He hasn’t done anything or said anything to indicate that he wants to go elsewhere. Salah likes to be here,” he said.

He even took the time to throw in a quip. “If Salah says ‘I have to leave’, I will take him myself,” Klopp added.

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